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Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplant stuffed with spices and turkey that will make your taste buds sing.

Nutrition Facts: Carbohydrates 2.1g
Yield: Serves 4



  1. Preheat oven to 350º F
  2. Cut eggplant in half and cut out flesh
  3. Place eggplant shells in greased casserole dish
  4. In skillet, heat oil
  5. Add garlic, chili powder and salt
  6. Add tomato and cook for 5 minutes
  7. Add ground meat to skillet and cook for 10 more minutes
  8. Add bell pepper and cook a few more minutes
  9. Spoon the meat mixture into the eggplant shells and brush edges with oil
  10. Bake at 350º F for 20-25 minutes