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Southwestern Grilled Sirloin

Add some kick to your next cookout.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 188; Fat 8g; Protein 26g; Carbohydrate 2g; Cholesterol 66mg; Sodium 755
Yield: Serves 4



  1. Pierce beef with fork several times on both sides
  2. Mix remaining ingredients in shallow nonmetal dish or heavy-duty resealable plastic bag
  3. Add beef, turning to coat with marinade
  4. Cover dish or seal bag and refrigerate, turning beef occasionally, at least 6 hours but no longer than 24 hours
  5. Heat coals or gas grill
  6. Remove beef from marinade; discard marinade
  7. Cover and grill beef 4 to 6 inches from medium heat 15 to 18 minutes for medium doneness, turning once
  8. Cut beef across grain into 1/2-inch slices