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Roasted Wild Mushrooms with Shaved Fennel Salad

A fragrant and satisfying meal from Bob Harper's vegan dinner.

Yield: Serves 4


For the shaved Fennel Salad:


  1. Add all of the above ingredients onto the portioned and cleaned wild mushrooms, gently toss with your fingers.
  2. Once evenly coated place into a 400 degree oven. Roast mushrooms until golden brown and slightly crispy. Check after 35 minutes. If they need more time, leave them in a little longer!

Also, as a cook, it is a good idea to get in the habit of cooking with your nose! You will be able to smell the mushrooms when they are roasted and ready, once ready, pull out of oven and let "rest" until you can handle them.

For Fennel Salad:

  1. Dash/sprinkle of fennel pollen plus another dash/sprinkle (whole foods and any specialty spice shop will have this, kinda pricey but oh my SO good)
  2. You will need to shave the bulb of fennel you can do this by using your chef's knife or I find it easier to use my mandalene. I got one in China town for 20 bucks! My favorite tool. Please watch your fingers and be very careful!!
  3. Once shaved place into a mixing bowl and add oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, fennel pollen, and fronds. Gently toss with your fingers. Season to your liking and let sit for 10 minutes.

To Assemble:

  1. Place roasted wild mushrooms into a serving plate or bowl. Put the shaved fennel salad on top of the roasted mushrooms and drizzle the extra liquid/vinaigrette over the top. Sprinkle with a little more fennel pollen and fronds.

Ps- you can eat this dish room temperature or you can use the mushrooms while there still warm, up to you. I like room temperature.

Source: with permission from Brooke Larson