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Roasted Candied Sweet Potatoes Casserole

Aida Mollenkamp's healthier presentation for this Thanksgiving classic.

Roasted Candied Sweet Potatoes Casserole Photo
Per Serving: 140 Calories, 30 Fat Calories, 3.5g Total Fat, 1.5g Saturated Fat, 5mg Cholesterol, 220mg Sodium, 22g Total Carbohydrates, 3g Fiber, 6g Sugar, 5g Protein
Yield: Serves 10


At the heart of every Thanksgiving meal are some of the healthiest and most wholesome foods. Sweet potatoes, cranberries, green beans, pumpkin, and even the turkey become fodder for a calorie-fest when we smother them in sugar, butter, and even marshmallows. Chef Aida Mollenkamp has taken our favorite traditional recipes and made them over for Biggest Loser, giving us all the seasonal flavors we love without the fat and calories we won't even miss.

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 20 to 25 mins


  1. Place sweet potatoes in a large pot, cover by 1-inch with cold water and add kosher salt. Bring to a boil over high heat. When it boils, cover pot, reduce heat to low, and cook until potatoes are knife tender, 15 to 20 minutes. Drain and set aside to cool briefly. (Can be done up to 5 days ahead and stored refrigerated in an airtight container.)

  2. When cool enough to handle, mix sweet potatoes with broth, olive oil, zest, juice, and spices, and turn into a 2-quart baking dish.

  3. Heat oven to broil or 500 degrees F and arrange a rack in the upper third. Spread yogurt in an evenly layer over potatoes then sprinkle goat cheese all over the top.

  4. Broil until lightly toasted, about 1 to 3 minutes. (Watch carefully so they don’t burn.) Serve warm.

Source: Chef Aida Mollenkamp for The Biggest Loser. Nutrition analysis by Cheryl Forberg, RD for The Biggest Loser. Photography by Christopher Kalima.