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Greek Style Lamb Chops

Tender lamb chops make for an elegant meal.

Greek Style Lamb Chops Photo Yield: Serves 2



  1. Mash together garlic and salt to form a paste, then add lemon juice, oil, thyme, pepper and lemon peel and continue to mash until well combined
  2. Set aside
  3. On rack in broiling pan broil lamb chops until browned on top, about 5 minutes
  4. Turn chops over and spread each chop with 1/4 of the thyme mixture
  5. Broil until browned, 4 to 5 minutes longer
  6. Set 2 tomato slices on each chop, then top each with 1/2 oz. feta cheese and half of the remaining thyme mixture
  7. Broil until cheese softens and is glazed, about 2 minutes