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Fresh Sweet and Sour Mix

Lighten your cocktails with a homemade sweet and sour mix.

Fresh Sweet and Sour Mix Photo Yield: 8 cups; 1/2 cup per serving



  1. Juice the lemons and limes, which should result in about 1.5 cups of each. Pour through a mesh strainer in to a large pitcher, removing the seeds and pulp.

  2. Bring 3 cups of water to boil and add the Truvia, stirring until dissolved (creating a simple syrup).

  3. Pour the simple syrup + 2 cups of cold water in to the pitcher and stir until well combined.

  4. Add 1/2 up of sour mix to 2 ounces of your choice of liquor (vodka, whiskey, and tequila work well), shake over ice, and serve.

Recipe by Brandi Koskie; Photos by Dana Shultz