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Fajita Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast with a tex-mex kick

Nutrition Facts per serving: 319 Calories, 17g Fat, 425mg Cholesterol, 731mg Sodium, 10.4g Carbohydrates, .9g Fiber, 3.5g Sugar, 28.5g Protein
Yield: Serves 2



  1. In skillet, heat vinegar and soy sauce
  2. Add turkey, onions and green peppers
  3. Season to taste with cumin and garlic powder
  4. Let cook for 3-4 minutes
  5. Combine eggs and cream
  6. In another skillet, cook half of egg mixture
  7. Tilt pan to distribute evenly across pan
  8. Let one side set and carefully turn over
  9. Repeat with remaining egg mixture
  10. Divide ingredients between both egg "tortillas"
  11. Top with sour cream and salsa