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Asian Inspired Cold Noodle Salad

Dr. Mike Fenster of The Grassroots Gourmet created this dish after enjoying cold soba dishes during his travels in Japan.

Asian Inspired Cold Noodle Salad Photo
380 Calories per serving; 4g Total Fat; 72g Total Carbohydrate
Yield: 4 servings




  1. Heat the stock to boiling in a medium saucepan.
  2. Add the noodles and cook until slightly al dente, just like pasta.
  3. Drain and cool the noodles.
  4. Mix the dressing together and combine with the other ingredients. Top with seaweed and red pepper flakes if desired.

Featured in The Grassroots Gourmet: Eating Well, Living Better by Dr. Mike Fenster. Copyright of Dr. Mike Fenster. Photo by Jennifer Fenster.