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Young Brothers Lose Nearly 300 Pounds Together, and Share Their Inspiring Weight Loss Story Exclusively at

Published June 28, 2010

New York, New York -- June 28, 2010 -- James and Stephen Rice have a joint weight loss story like no other. In a pair of exclusive interviews with, a leading health source for diet and fitness information on the web, James and Stephen share their struggles with weight, and how they found the determination and wherewithal to collectively lose nearly 300 pounds.

Older brother James was facing the rest of his life after high school. But at a very dangerous 370 pounds, he found a moment of clarity and decided to change his direction. After a determined effort of changing his eating habits and physical activities, the now 20-year-old young man is about 210 pounds.

“I just said ʻenough is enough,ʼ I need to lose weight or I am going to die,” James told “I slowly cut down on my eating, so my stomach started to get used to eating smaller portions.”

Not to be outdone by his older brotherʼs 160-pound weight loss, Stephen found inspiration in his siblingʼs dramatic physical changes, and managed to lose 120 pounds himself.

“I was inspired to lose weight entirely from my brother,” says Stephen. “I saw how much healthier and happier he was when losing weight and saw it as an inspiration.”

We live in an age when childhood obesity rates are out of control, and the younger generation faces the realization that they will have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

Brothers James and Stephen Rice are a stark contrast to that trend, and provide an amazing inspiration for their young peers.

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