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Published September 13, 2012

On September 13, a groundbreaking, and controversial, decision was made by New York City to approve Mayor Michael Bloomberg's measure to ban sugar-sweetened drinks larger than 16 ounces. In his effort to curb the obesity epidemic, at least in his city, the Mayor's amendment means that fast food restaurants will have to cease the sell of soda, juice, and even sugary coffee drinks that exceed a 16-ounce size.

As a New Yorker and a well-respected nutrition expert, our resident registered dietitian, Mary Hartley, spoke with Jennipher Walters at Shape Magazine about the ban. She explained the merits of the ban and why soda is an easy target when fighting obesity. As well, she talks about some of the Mayor's other health initiatives that were controversial at the time of their approval - like cigarettes - and how the city is better for it more than 10 years later.

"It's not a cure-all, but it's a start," Hartley told Shape.

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