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QSR Magazine Sources in Food Marketing Article

Published July 31, 2009

In a July 2009 article at, discussing food marketers success with noninnovation, is referenced for its discussion that food marketing easily lures people into thinking their food choices are good for them.

The article by Christopher Wolfe, titled "Marketers Say ‘No’ to Progress," discusses a growing trend away from innovation amongst food producers - both in the packaged goods segment and in restaurants - calling it "regression pride."

From the article: As far as sugar versus HFCS sodas go, the move has encouraged a lot of taste tests, inspiring sales of both new and old product. Many bloggers seem to agree that the sugared-soda product tastes better, but one blogger on dismisses this retro appeal to natural sweetener’s “clever marketing trick, sure to fool millions into thinking they are being healthy.”

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