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Published November 21, 2013

When the Cotton Ball Diet picked up steam in November due to a barrage of new videos being added on channels like YouTube, we immediately set out to explain what is this dangerous new trend in disordered eating. Popular amongst young tweens and teens, a diet consuming primarily juice-lubricated cotton balls carries with it a host of dangerous medical side effects, including bowel obstructions and death.

Our coverage was picked up here by ABC News, who interviewed managing editor Brandi Koskie, who said, "Your clothing is also made of polyester, so swallowing a synthetic cotton ball is like dipping your T-shirt in orange juice and eating it," she said.

The DailyMail UK also quoted Koskie's response to the Cotton Ball Diet in its coverage. "Nothing good can come of this. Absolutely nothing."

A host of other outlets picked up both the DietsInReview and ABC News coverage to continue to the conversation about the cotton ball diet. Our original story is found here: The Cotton Ball Diet is Trending

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