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The Thyroid Solution Diet

Dr. Ridha Arem's Diet Will Boost Your Sluggish Metabolism to Lose Weight

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Author Ridha Arem, MD, said that the Thyroid Solution Diet will work for individuals with and without a diagnosed thyroid disorder because he designed the diet to “speed up metabolism on a molecular level by reversing the multiple inefficiencies [in our diets] that underlie weight gain.”

After treating hundreds of patient for thyroid-related issues, Dr. Ridha Arem, an endocrinologist and clinical professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, created the Thyroid Solution Diet to be a comprehensive, hormone-balancing nutrition and weight loss program.

The protein-packed, fiber-rich Thyroid Solution Diet is a combination of the traditional Mediterranean and the Protein-Rich Oriental (PRO) diets designed to restore order – from the inside out – to the thyroid and the body. The thyroid gland controls a number of hormone-related processes within the body, such as metabolism, mood and body fat conversion. According to Arem, it is what we eat that affects our hormones and leads to weight gain or loss rather than how much we eat, which is why the Thyroid Solution Diet does not require overweight individuals to restrict calories to lose weight.

The diet book covers several health-related topics – not just diet and exercise – in order to provide an all-inclusive health and weight loss package. It even includes a Diet Toolbox that explains lab tests individuals might need to identify hormone imbalances. From meal planning and grocery shopping tips to learning how to relax and how sleep affects hormone balance, the Thyroid Solution Diet attacks health issues and weight loss from a clinical background from an experienced medical professional.

  • All-inclusive health and wellness advice
  • Food lists, meal planning and more than 50 recipes included
  • Step-by-by exercise instructions with pictures
  • Advice from an experienced medical professional
  • Individuals without thyroid disorder might not feel the program is adequate for them
  • Food-restrictive diet might not be attractive
  • Individuals might benefit more from a calorie-restrictive diet
  • Exercise routine might be too easy or boring for more fit individuals

The Thyroid Solution Diet is a combination of Mediterranean cuisine and the Protein-Rich Oriental diet – both of which focus on balancing protein, carbohydrates and fats with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables and plant-based proteins.

Before beginning the diet and nutrition program, the Thyroid Solution Diet instructs individuals to remove toxins from their bodies through a weeklong detox process. The author believes that individuals must clean out their systems before seeing real results in health and weight loss. Environmental toxins, such as BPA and pesticides, are thought to contribute to unbalanced hormones, a dysfunctional thyroid and weight gain. The detox process requires individuals to drink Arem’s Sensational Detox Smoothie consisting of antioxidant-rich nutrients and to drink lots of water to flush out the system. In addition, the Thyroid Solution Diet recommends that individuals consume one half of a raw fennel bulb daily. Raw fennel is believed to be naturally detoxifying and able to cure many pain-related ills, such as migraines and menstrual cramps.

After the detox process, individuals are instructed to consume the protein-rich, high fiber foods featured in traditional Mediterranean cuisine, such as organic fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, fish and seafood and plant-based proteins, such as beans, nuts and seeds. The Thyroid Solution Diet works in two phases. The first phase focuses on lean animal-based proteins, such as chicken and fish, and the second phase incorporates more plant-based proteins, such as quinoa and other seeds.

Little to no wiggle room is provided within the diet and nutrition program. Individuals who want to follow the Thyroid Solution Diet will not encounter calorie restrictions but will encounter food restrictions, which might be difficult for people with picky palates.


The author knows that the second half of any health and weight loss equation is fitness. The Thyroid Solution Diet includes Arem’s 20/10 Exercise Program on top of the diet and nutrition program to generate energy and kick start weight loss.

The 20/10 Exercise Program consists of 20 minutes of high intensity aerobic activity and 10 minutes of lower intensity strength training activity as well as a bit of stretching to be performed daily. The author believes that 30 minutes of daily fitness, such as recommended by his program, will provide the detoxifying and hormone-balancing benefits needed to reshape the body and make the thyroid function properly.

The exercise program also provides information about stress relief, relaxation and sleep – all of which are important aspects of health and wellness.


The Thyroid Solution Diet provides people with thyroid disorders and people who just want to drop extra weight with the diet and nutrition information they need to rebalance their hormones and reshape their bodies. From the foods they should eat and how to prepare them to the amount of sleep they need and why relaxation is so important to weight loss, the Thyroid Solution Diet covers the health and weight loss issues so many individuals face in medical detail. Adding to the diet and nutrition program, the exercise program also does a good job of providing step-by-step guidelines with instructional pictures for people to follow and is acceptable for individuals with little or no fitness experience to more experienced exercisers.

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The Thyroid Diet, Theyroid Diet, The Thyroid Solution Deit

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