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The Cigarette Diet

Getting thin on this diet may cost you your life.

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The Cigarette Diet is one that dates back to the 1920s. At the time, Lucky Strike Cigarette Company wanted to boost sales, so they used the appetite curbing nature of nicotine to their advantage. With the ad campaign slogan “Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet” Lucky enticed many people to smoke instead of consume extra calories.

And the campaign worked: Sales were boosted over 200 percent in the 1920s with the use of that slogan. Other tobacco companies jumped on the band wagon during this time period and promoted smoking as a weight loss method.

Yet as more and more research showed the danger of smoking, the Cigarette Diet's time in the limelight has surely come to pass. Smoking causes many deadly diseases and conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease.

Unfortunately, although the diet was created in the 1920s, it is still popular today among top supermodels and those needing to keep their weight down for their profession.

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  • Does lead to weight loss
  • Curbs appetite
  • Promotes the smoking of cigarettes
  • Smoking causes life threatening health conditions
  • Smoking can affect your health and the health of those exposed to the smoke
  • Classified as a fad diet

There is no recommended way of eating with the Cigarette Diet. You simply smoke and that will suppress your appetite and aid in weight loss. You can basically eat what you want.


No exercise is recommended with the Cigarette Diet. The point of the diet is that if you smoke, your appetite will be suppressed and you will lose weight. Your lung capacity is likely to be very compromised considering the adverse effects smoking has on the respiratory and circulatory systems of the body, making exercise rather challenging.


There are a lot of dangerous diets and diet pills on the market but The Cigarette Diet may top the list as the most dangerous. Encouraging people to smoke in order to lose weight could end up costing them their life. In the time that cigarettes were heavily promoted as a weight loss tool, the health risks weren’t known. Now that people are aware of the dangers smoking can cause, it is very important that it not be used as a weight loss tool.

Losing weight and becoming healthy are good goals to have. Smoking may lead you to weight loss, but it will also damage your health in the process.

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posted Feb 4th, 2016 4:26 pm



Fuck you, cigarettes are cool.

posted Apr 10th, 2015 5:21 pm


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