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The Anti-Inflammation Zone

Reducing inflammation can save you from a host of diseases and help you lose weight.

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The Anti-Inflammation Zone is a book written by Dr. Barry Sears that speaks about reversing the silent epidemic that’s destroying our health. This book focuses on the fact that inflammation causes many cases of heart disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis and diabetes. With this book you can reverse inflammation in just 30 days and benefit from better health, greater longevity, reduced symptoms of chronic disease, improved emotional control, and improved physical performance. Dr Sears believes that fighting inflammation is the single best thing you can do for your current health and future wellness.

Not only can you ward off these diseases by reducing inflammation, but this program will help you reverse these conditions if you have them already. Using the Zone Diet plan and high concentrate fish oil supplements, you can get great results. The book contains one week of meals and exercises you can do on this program. There is also information on the tests you can perform to determine your level of silent inflammation.

  • Eliminate silent inflammation
  • Program works to prevent diseases or reverse them
  • Works on key diseases like heart disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis and diabetes
  • Includes one week of menu ideas and exercises
  • Works in conjunction with the Zone Diet
  • Book gives a breakdown of the Zone Diet
  • Must follow the Zone Diet for this plan to work

The The Anti-Inflammation Zone is a program that favors the Zone Diet and the use of fish oil supplements to reduce inflammation. The Zone Diet is an eating plan that favors non-starchy vegetables and fruits. You will also eat lean proteins and some monounsaturated fat. Some of the unfavorable items listed include grains, starches, fruit juices, bread, cereals, pasta and processed foods. There are charts included in the book showing the carb block value for various foods. There is also a thorough list of favorable carbs that you can use when creating your meals. The program does tout an 80/20 rule when it comes to reducing inflammation. This means that 80 percent of your success will come from the foods you eat and 20 percent comes from exercise.


The exercise component of The Anti-Inflammation Zone is very basic. Since 20 percent of your success in fighting inflammation comes exercise, it is important to incorporate this as part of your plan. You simply do 30 minutes of exercise six days per week. The exercises you do are at your discretion so you can find something fun that you can keep up on a regular basis.


Reducing inflammation in the body can be very helpful in reducing disease according to The Anti-Inflammation Zone. This book shows you how to be successful following the Zone Diet and using fish oil supplements. This program simply takes a well established diet and offers more benefits through reducing silent inflammation. Dr Sears has been known for creating the Zone Diet. The Anti-Inflammation Zone takes the Zone Diet principles to give you some additional health perks.

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