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Skinny Fiber

Pills that claim to expand to make you fuller faster.

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  • Established: 2011
  • Founder: Skinny Body Care
  • Headquarters: Murray, Utah
  • Accessibility: Online
  • Diet Type: Dietary supplement pills
  • Gender: Male, female

Skinny Fiber Pills are a dietary supplement offered by Skinny Body Care. This supplement lists itself as an all natural weight loss solution. Skinny Fiber Pills help you feel full fast which will help you drop weight quickly. It also allows you to cleanse the body of toxins, release sexy energy, flatten your tummy and melt away stubborn fat. Skinny Fiber’s fat burning power works in three different ways. The first way this product works is by expanding in your stomach to tell your brain that you are full. The pills expand to 50 times their original size when taken 30 minutes prior to eating a meal. The second way this product works is that it blocks fat absorption. It also keeps new fat from forming so that your body can burn the fat you already have. The third way Skinny Fiber works is by stimulating your metabolism. This helps you burn calories more efficiently and faster.

Skinny Fiber also makes some claims that it will help you better absorb vitamins and minerals, break down fat for weight loss, improve blood sugar imbalances and slow down aging. These are some very broad claims to have within one product. There are no clinical trials to prove that this product works. There are also two photos of people who have had results using Skinny Fiber. Those photos are actually stock photos and not real photos of the people who lost weight. This raises some red flags on if the claims the product makes are accurate.

  • Product offers a chance to feel full faster
  • Helps cleanse toxins from the body
  • Money back guarantee
  • Improves blood sugar
  • Customers not enrolled into an auto-ship program unless they choose that option
  • Discounts available when you buy multiple bottles
  • Earn money for those you refer to use the product

  • No proof that the product works
  • Testimonial photos are stock photos
  • Site claims product was named best weight loss product of the year; no info on what organization gave that award
  • Complete ingredient list not available

Although there is not a complete list of ingredients available, there are some natural ingredients given for the product. The ingredients that are 100 percent natural include:

  • Glucomannan
  • Caralluma
  • Chá de Bugre

Take two capsules 30 minutes prior to lunch and dinner meals with a glass of water.


There really is no diet or exercise recommendation given for Skinny Fiber Pills. You take the pills and they expand in your stomach causing you to eat less and lose weight. Not only do you eat less on the program, the pills also claim to work on boosting your metabolism and block fat absorption.


Skinny Fiber Pills take the approach that if you feel full, you’ll stop eating and be able to lose weight because you are consuming fewer calories. Unlike many supplements, Skinny Fiber allows you to decide if you want to be part of their monthly auto ship program rather than forcing it on you and continually charging your credit card. Although there is no proof that these pills will work, they do offer an affiliate program where you can earn money for the purchases that others make. It is important to note that diet and exercise are needed in order to burn calories. If these pills do in fact work, you will be losing weight because you are consuming fewer calories. There is no magic pill that will make you lose weight without you doing some sort of calorie restriction.

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Can you take Skinny Fiber if you have high blood pressure and bad cholesterol? Skinny Fiber

posted Oct 25th, 2013 3:43 am

jeanetta mack

I been taking Skinny Fiber for one month and have not lost any belly fat at all. What can i do? Skinny Fiber question.

posted Oct 17th, 2013 4:52 pm


First of all, I am not sure where you obtained your information. You really should do your research before you make claims that are not true.

There is plenty of proof that skinny fiber works. The testimonial photos are not stock...they are real people...I am one of them!

As far as the complete list of ingredients is is available if you did your research.

Skinny Fiber is a pure, all natural nutritional weight loss supplement that comes in the form of a capsule. It is a super detox on a cellular level! It has no nasty side effects, unlike other dietary supplements that make your heart pound and make you feel jittery. Skinny Fiber is STIMULANT FREE.

It contains 3 main plant ingredients:

Glucomannon- a unique all natural soluble dietary fiber that expands 50 times its size in your stomach helping you overcome the #1 enemy of weight management ... overeating. In addition to the amazing support for your weight loss goals, on its way through the body, glucomannan supports the colon, thereby supporting the digestive system.*

Caralluma- a plant, in the cactus family, that has been used as a natural appetite suppressant and thirst quencher in India for centuries, particularly in times of famine.* Caralluma fimbriata is also believed to help support weight management.* It is believed to block certain enzymes that form fat in the body.

Chá de Bugre- a small tree fround in Brazil- very successful in suppressing the appetite and believed to fight cellulite. Can be roasted and made into a coffee substitute and is a good heart tonic that stimulates circulation. It’s also used in Brazil and Haiti as a tea to help relieve cough, regulate renal function, reduce uric acid, and externally to heal wounds.

As well as 7 digestive enzymes and antioxidants:

Beyond supporting digestion, certain Digestive Enzymes can play a major role in weight management.*Enzymes are responsible for every single chemical reaction in every single cell of your body. The enzymes found naturally in raw foods are very sensitive to heat (cooking) and most processed foods are completely void of the enzymes your body desperately needs to properly digest your meal. If you cannot get enough nutrition from the food you take in, your body just wants more.

Amylase- an enzyme that helps digest carbohydrates. Breaks down starch and turns them into a natural sugar which gives the body energy. Also found in the pancreas and the glands that make saliva.

Protease- a digestive enzyme needed to digest protein. It liberates amino acids needed by the body. Used as therapy for benefits in oncology, inflammatory conditions, blood rheology control, and immune regulation.

Lipase- a digestive enzyme needed to digest a healthy amount of fat our bodies need. It hydrolyzes lipids, the ester bonds in triglycerides, to form fatty acids and glycerol. Dissolves fat throughout the body, improves metabolism, and aids in overall detoxification process.

Glucoamylase- also turns starch into sugar for easy digestion

Papain- a protease enzyme found in the papaya plant and is used to treat gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ulcers and indigestion. Breaks down heavy proteins to make them easy to digest and absorb into the body and works well against Celiac disease, shingles, and herpes. It also shortens the healing time of some injuries and surgery.

Cellulase- sustains blood sugar, maintains good level of cholesterol, supports cell membranes to keep them healthy from free radicals, toxic chemicals, and breaks down biofilm to help detoxify the intestinal tract as well as major organs.

Bromelain- enzymes found in pineapples, used for digestive support. It treats inflammation following surgery primarily of the ear, nose, and throat as well as other infections and injuries. Aids heartburn when used with amylase and lipase and reduces diarrhea.

posted Oct 5th, 2013 4:00 am


I love it so far! Helps me not eat as much and I feel an overall better sense of well-being.

posted Sep 25th, 2013 2:14 am


I have had gastric bypass, would your product work for me? Can your product be used by someone that has had a gastric bypass and needs to lose some of the wait that they have gained. Other diet products have not worked, I wonder if yours would.

posted Sep 22nd, 2013 11:20 pm

Mary Jene

Anyone else allergic to Skinny Fiber? LOVE the product and it worked. However Im allergic to something in the pill. Broke out in all kinds of hives and Rashes. Has anyone had the same problem. AND ALSO how long should you take it ? 90 days only?

posted Sep 22nd, 2013 8:09 pm


They aren't stock photos. They are real people. One of the photos is MINE. Taken by me. These are often really embarrassing photos and the people that took them are really brave to have done so. Do a little more research before you make a claim like this.

posted Sep 19th, 2013 4:51 am

Molly Morlino

I've been taking Skinny Fiber for 7 weeks and have lost 30 lbs. I have had no side effects (except having to pee a lot!). I keep my calories under 1290 (according profile) and consume 16 cups of water a day.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me on Facebook!

posted Sep 18th, 2013 5:40 pm

Julie k.

Is severe constipation a normal side effect of skinny fiber? I have been taking skinny fiber for about 6 weeks. Super, super constipated. Is anyone else having this problem? Lots of bloating as well. I drink tons of water. Feeling quite discouraged.

posted Sep 16th, 2013 2:44 am


Skinny Fiber is an AWESOME product! I have lost 60 pounds and went from size 26 to size 18 jeans! Love love love this product. It has far exceeded my expectations! I sleep better, have more energy and am no longer pre-diabetic.

posted Sep 10th, 2013 7:23 pm

kim minter

I hv personally met about 200 people that Hv lost weight w skinny body care. You need to please update your findingsand do more research please.thank u

posted Sep 10th, 2013 6:03 pm


Skinny Fiber is amazing! I was so skeptical at first, I had tried so many things and just couldn't lose weight. Not only am I down nearly 20 lbs in 3 months but I also have energy again and control cravings.

posted Sep 10th, 2013 1:34 pm


I ordered Skinny Fiber on August 24, why haven't I received it yet? Skinny Fiber question.

posted Sep 7th, 2013 10:10 pm

Charlee Neidhardt

I LOVE SKINNY FIBER AND YOUR CLAIM THAT OUR PHOTOS ARE STOCK PHOTOS IS FULL OF CRAP! Mine, my daughter's and countless Friend's photos are what you see. However, we have seen numerous of "our" before & after photos show up doctored by people that sell Body by Vi. So there you have it I lost/am losing weight and my knees no longer hurt. So I Love Skinny Fiber

posted Sep 6th, 2013 10:58 pm

Diana Heldt

I LOVE My Skinny Fiber, it works just the way they say it will, Been on it for about 6 month have lose 20 lb that I would not have lose any other way have tried. i have tried other pills and things out there and none worked for me.

posted Aug 31st, 2013 1:05 pm

Carmen Woods

Skinny Fiber is the FIRST weight loss product that has actually made me lose 30 lbs, and I went from a size 18 down to a 12. Yes, it took a little bit of time (10 months), but I am eating so much healthier now, and gave up diet cokes and sweets for good. I just don't crave them anymore. Skinny Fiber is awesome! :)

posted Aug 31st, 2013 8:34 am


I have been using this product for 3 weeks and I have lost 12 pounds and I feel better then ever! I think that people don't are looking for a miracle the weight is not just going to fall off. It took a while to put it on and it will take a while to get it off. But I love it and have tried everything out there and this has worked for me if you would like to follow me and see my results our know more Amber Porter-Mrosko Thank you all

posted Aug 31st, 2013 7:49 am


I LOVE this product! It's not a miracle pill, it just helps me by cutting my hunger, it works!

posted Aug 31st, 2013 7:34 am

Jennifer Wilson

Still have a streched stomach right? Yes this pill expands in your stomach to make you fell full but if you do lose all this weight and want to stop taking this pill wont you stomach still be all stretched out and still need tons of food to make you fill full? So you'll either gain all the weight back or you'll have to continue to take these pills, right?

posted Aug 26th, 2013 1:59 pm

fab skinny

I have been on Skinny fiber for 5 months my husband has been on for 4 months I have lost 50" and 30 lbs on Skinny fiber I have depression and Gerd. I also am a DT and I have found this has helped my Gerd... So many things I have tried spent money after another nothing worked. I was skeptical with skinny fiber and I waited and waited finally I made the step I have loved the results and I drink lots of water and take it half hour before my 2 biggest meals. My husband has cardiomyopathy, weak heart muscle, diabetes, high cholesterol, and tyroid problems and he is doing great on it so far. he has so many meds daily it has taken him longer to loose weight he lost 14 lbs and a lot of inches. I tell you we tried everything and nothing would work we spent a ton of money until we found skinny fiber now we see results and it is not a waste of money. Skinny fiber takes longer for others to loose. It just depends on your body.

posted Aug 15th, 2013 3:02 am


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