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Plexus Slim

Drink your way thin with this powdered mix.

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  • Established: 2005
  • Founder: David Brown
  • Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Accessibility: Online or through a representative
  • Diet Type: Diet supplement drink mix
  • Gender: Male and female

Plexus Slim is a powdered dietary supplement that is mixed with water to help you burn calories and fat while on the go. It contains no caffeine or stimulants and is meant to be used in conjunction with a regular diet plan.

Plexus Slim also claims to help you obtain healthy blood sugar, cholesterol and lipid levels and is considered safe for those with diabetes.

To take this supplement you simply pour it into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal and drink.

The products' two plant extract concentrates - chloregenic acid and oxypregnane steroid glycoside - work to provide effective "slimming and beauty benefits" thanks to antioxidants that are reportedly twice as potent as those found in dark chocolate.

Studies have also shown the caffein acid in chlorogenic acid contains high antioxidant levels that help limit the oxidation of lipids in the liver. And the oxypregnane steroidal glycoside helps with appetite control because it sends signals to the brain to tell the body it's full.

Plexus Slim claims the effectiveness of its product has been clinically proven. A 30-day supply of costs $84.95, but preferred customers - those who agree to receive a monthly recurring auto-shipment - pay $79.95.

Ingredients include: Chloregenic acid (plant extract), citrin K, alpha lipoid acid, oxypregnane steroidal, polydestrose, citric acid, natural flavors, beet root and grape skin extract, stevia extract and lo han extract.

Makers of Plexus Slim say users can expect to see results in as little as two weeks.

  • Contains no stimulants
  • Claims to be safe for diabetics
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Can be conveniently mixed with water
  • May help to jump-start a weight loss plan

  • Can be a bit expensive compared to similar products
  • Must buy a 30-day supply to get free sample
  • Diet and exercise are mentioned, but not heavily incorporated with Plexus Slim
  • Not a long-term solution to weight loss
  • Weight loss claims are likely exaggerated
  • Natural does not always mean safe
  • Chlorogenic acids
  • Oxypregnane steroidal glycoside
  • Low Glycemic Index Fructose
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Beet Root
  • Stevia
  • Lo Han Fruit
  • Grape Skin
  • Carmine
  • Rosmarinic Acid
  • Hydroxcycinnamic Acid

Pour into a 12-ounce glass or bottle of water and drink 30 minutes before a meal. Plexus Slim should be consumed only one time throughout the day.


Changing your eating habits is recommended for optimal results with Plexus Slim. The product contains natural appetite suppressants, and basically you are told to listen to your body. Ordering smaller meals at restaurants and eating smaller portions is the extent of the dieting advice.

For exercise, you don’t have to incorporate any exercise to see results. It is mentioned that if you incorporate 20-30 minutes of exercise each day, your results will be seen a lot faster.


Losing weight can mean different things to different people. Some people desire to lose five or ten pounds while others have much larger amounts to lose. Using Plexus Slim might be a great added boost to help you reach your goals. While it gets bonus points for its convenient powdered mix which can be easily added to any bottle of water for a quick appetite suppressant and its natural ingredients, Plexus Slim is not a long-term solution weight and its all-natural ingredients may not equate to being safe for your health.

Talk to your doctor before using this product, particularly if you have diabetes.

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User Feedback

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I have been using PS and the accelerator for almost three weeks. I lost 8 lbs and have renewed energy. I wake up ready to go and find that my smile is back. I feel dizzy if I take the accelerator every day, so I take it every other day. You have to know your body and experiment to find what works best for you. I have terrible psorasis and it is starting to look better. PS is a slow process and I think that is good. I used to just crave sweet foods and now I could care less. I would leave my desk - drive to the corner store for a candy bar !!! I also now am able to feel full when I am eating a meal. It is easy now to just eat what I need and leave the rest. I love this stuff and look forward to my next bloodwork results.

posted May 3rd, 2012 5:09 pm


This is for anyone who concern about weight loss and not the pyramid. I took PS for 7 days and lost 6 pound. I am so proud. Try it for a week and see if it works for you. Hope it does!!!!!!!!!

posted May 3rd, 2012 12:36 am



Thanks for the post, you must be one of the ones PS is not working on, or someone who realizes what MLM is.,and like 99% was conned by it. Wow! Pretty brutal. But, I can take, you must also be one of those people who condemn people who cared enough about their family and lives to get educated.

As far as other people, It appears I care a lot more than you do. I try to help them understand MLM is a fraud. i am going to refer you to an article on yahoo, you and everyone else on this site should take the time to read. "The Truth About MLM".. If a person read just some of thiis info. and can still do MLM, something is very wrong. I'm sure you can read! If not, get a fouth grader to read it for you.

posted May 2nd, 2012 2:51 pm


PETE!!!! PETE!!!!!!!! PETE!!!!!!

lets start: you invented apple, dell, and gateway. You are the genius behind penicillin, you are the architect of the world, your a genius that know no bounds, in your own mind, you are simply put as the CATS MEOW!

Well all this hype with your 3 phd's and what not, you are simply put as an ingnorant!

You should use your education to help your fellow man instead of belittling them . But like most people who are so smart, I will compare you to the unibomber . He used his large IQ that he was know for to destroy his fellow man, and seeing what u write, and the comments you have made towards other people and MY STATE LOUISIANA , and our educational system, shows that your in the same boat with a crazy like that with total disregard to his fellow man. People like you are the reason for wars and the hate people have for one another.
If you have such a large IQ why not use it for the good and help your fellow man instead of crucifying people with your words. But I guess we should all
"HAIL P. HAIL P. HAIL P." the computer Hitler of our day!

you wanted to speak about our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and FREEDOM OF SPEECH, well here you have it! Now go and read the Patriot act and see how many rights u have left! R did you create that too...


posted May 1st, 2012 10:48 pm



I agree with you, if the sole purpose is to lose weight and you can afford the very high price of PS, the Accerlerator, and whatever the company sells along with it, go for it. The problem you most probably will run into is that the ambassadors are still going to bug you to join their organization. They are going to tell you if you are looking for the best price you need to become an ambassador. We all know this how they make their money. I personally would rather just pay the extra $10.00 or so and not be bugged. Good luck, JH, and have a great day.

posted Apr 30th, 2012 7:05 pm


If your goal is to loss weight don't concern yourself with the pyrmaid. Get the product and do your best to loss. It may not work for you but don't discourage other because it may help them and this may be their last chance. Let's be possitive and help our fellowman.

posted Apr 26th, 2012 7:22 pm

Karen Fisher

I LOVE IT!!! Today is my 10th day taking slim and I have lost 14 lbs. More importantly for me at this time is that I FEEL WONDERFUL, energetic, I am hurting less (fibromyalgia), have nearly no heartburn (used to eat a pack or Tums a day besides taking a pill for it) and lastly, I am no longer taking an antidepressant (off cold turkey). I am living the results so YES, you are dang right, I am now selling it because I believe in it. I did get nauseous the 1st day due to the caffeine pill but have not had any issues since (I HAVE NOT drank any caffeine since that night. Not everyone is going to have these same results immediately and it might not work for everyone but if after a couple of weeks you do not see a lose in weight or inches of weeks you might have additional medical issues and Plexus offers supplements for 2 of them. I wish you all well in which ever way you choose to go but for your sake please make sure it's healthy.

posted Apr 25th, 2012 5:41 pm


Until the forum owner says otherwise, posters are allowed to state their experiences with Plexus Slim and are not required to keep keep opinions to themselves. A "did not work for me" is not bashing, it is stating personal experiences. Consumers may want more substantial reports other than I took for two days and feel great or I lost 30 pounds in 30 days and here is my site for purchasing.

posted Apr 23rd, 2012 4:33 pm


Sara South

Hey Sara. no did not lose my job, retired. 33 yrs in pharmaceuticals, 4 yrs. as VP of a bank in marketing.. Made my living honest without conning one person. In my spare time,and after seeing so many people being scammed out their hard earned money as a result of MLM, I am now a consumer advocate against it. Sara,, sounds like you are a little sarcastic, do your homework on MLM , and MAYBE we can have a true debate. Nothing personal with PS, the product will take care itself in thru satuation, It's MLM in general that I have a problem with. Again, it may be personal, I tried the product once only to end up at the doctor's office. BP 180/110, pulse rate 126, Cholesterol 280, and trig. over 400. This is my testimony, why don't you put that on your website. Have several other great testimonies like this one if you'd like to here them One lady, had a heart attack/panic attack, excessive meidical bills and begging for help. Don't see that on your website. I will give you her phone # if requested.

posted Apr 21st, 2012 10:09 pm


great, easy to use

posted Apr 20th, 2012 8:38 pm


I dont know why this did not work for me. I watched the videos and see others have lost. I have been taking PS for 30 days and nothing. I cannot get my money back cause I am suppose to take for 60 days, but dont want to spend anymore money on a product that will not work. Any suggestions.

posted Apr 20th, 2012 4:03 am

stevnie ellis

MY husband ans I have been taking ps for two days and we feel great. It has given us both more energy and we get up and move more. Don't know how it will all turn out in a month, but I am willing to try. It is a shame people have to go around bashing eachother. It doesn't matter what people want to do. They have a mind and they can do what ever they want. To all who are trying and for those with success.. congrats. and to those who have nothing good to say... Please keep it to yourselves.

posted Apr 17th, 2012 1:59 pm

Charlotte Angelette

I took PS for the 60 days required. Lost absolutely nothing. I e-mailed the distributed asking for a refund, and the e-mail bounced back saying e-mail address was not a valid address. I then called the phone # listed on the person's website and the phone was no longer a working number. I was cheated, lied to, and swindled out of $189.00. I can only tell others to beware. I now think those testimonies are only from those selling this stuff.

posted Apr 16th, 2012 6:20 pm

Sara South

Pete -

Wow! I think you have a more "personal" agenda here with PS, in general. Let's all be honest.

What is it that you do for a living again? Have you ever been fired from a job?

Just curious. So bitter...


posted Apr 10th, 2012 5:40 am


not sure how to feel yet but so far disappointed....been on plexus for over a week and nothing. Maybe an increase in energy and appetite suppressed but absolutely no weight loss. I cant figure it out. Not even 1/2 lb. Im eating about 1/2 of what i used to and still no changes. Im gonna cont for the whole 30 days and see but Im getting discouraged.

posted Apr 9th, 2012 4:15 pm


Use to think this was an unbiased site. Apparently, i was wrong. Several responses, but none posted. Must be ambassador influence. Ever heard of Constitution and FRREDOM OF SPEECH. Not surprised.

posted Apr 5th, 2012 5:42 pm


I just had to pipe in to this! Hi ya'll, I am an ambassador(the evil MLM!lol) First, let me say that not everyone agrees and that is what makes us unique! I was so skeptical of both PS and MLM when I looked into it back in September. I talked to a friend who is a dr. and although she didn't recommend it, she said PS was safe as far as she could tell. I then looked at all the pros and cons for me! First, I was depressed with all the weight I had gained. Second, I could hardly move around because arthritis in my knees and back. I was not happy. Thirdly, I couldn't sleep well from the pain and was taking way too many pain meds(over the counter and prescribed) so I thought why not try it. I started PS and was half expecting it to fail. Maybe kind of hoping it would because of all the hype my friends made of it! lol But, to my surprise I started losing weight. I couldn't exercise partly because of the pain and partly because I was too depressed! So taking a powder and mixing into water once a day seemed like a good solution. Over the course of several months(6 to be exact) I have taken PS on an almost daily basis and have lost 48 lbs. I can not tell you how much that has helped me! I can move around without pain now!! I can get up without being stiff! If that is bad, give me more!!! I am sorry that so many people feel the need to be put something down without really trying it! I know it works for me! I tried so many other things including walking 4 miles a day(which damaged my knees and I was told to stop thus the extra weight gain and need to try ps)but nothing seemed to work. To be effective in any weight loss, you will need to understand your body and what caused you to gain the weight in the first place. PS will work for you if you can do that. If it curbs your cravings and you continue to eat the way you did before and by that I mean if you go to an all you can eat buffet and decide by god you are going to get your money's worth and keep eating even after your body tells you that you are full, NOTHING will help you!!! You need to eat better, eat smaller portions, and exercise!!! PS was developed to help diabetics lose weight without changing what they ate or having to exercise! WHY? because PS knew people do not like to make changes and stick with them. Once you start losing weight, at least for me, you start moving around more and feeling better so you want to make changes that will help you continue to feel that way! Over time, I have come to see how making changes help me or can help me, so I eat healthier, do things to make me move around more, and drink more water than I ever had before. I am not depressed any longer! This is good! Now, about the money in PS. It is a business! No one pressured me to join! No brain washing or loud music playing! lol After I started losing weight I decided to become an ambassador so that I could get a discount on the price and also wanted to help others because I knew how much I needed the help! At first, I was making just enough to pay for my product. It was a little depressing knowing others were making this so called money! But, I wasn't putting any effort into it either! I guess I thought it would just fall into my lap! Then, something told me to just put some effort into it. So, in January I decided to start really trying. My husband had lost his job, my son and his family had moved in with us because of money issues, so I really needed the extra income. Although I am not making the $10,000 a month, I am making well over $1,000 a month and it is growing each day! Someone posted they didn't believe anyone was making over !0 grand a month. Lol Well, I know personally several people that are close to making that!!! I have seen the pay checks!!!! It is like anything else, if you want to be successful you have to work it! It is a business! If you are one of those people who distrust everything, then you will most likely look at this and find something negative! If you want to make changes in your life, find what works for you! It may be PS or it may not be! What works for some will not work for others because people are different! People will become successful if they want to! It doesn't matter what it is, I only hope people can find what works for them and feel as good as I do right now!

posted Apr 1st, 2012 11:31 am


PS is awesome! Thyroid problem, fibrolmyalgia and RA gone....yay

posted Mar 20th, 2012 5:30 pm


Oh!!!!!! What an absolute horrible, dangerous product. Third day on PS, I get up from my desk and room starts spinning. I felt terrible. My spouse had to come pick me up at work and took me to doctor. Tests were run and my blood sugar was way off. After only THREE days. Now there is no one responsible as stated on ambassadors website disclaimer. Never again will I take a product not sold thru retail stores. Had I bought this at a retail store, maybe something could have been done. Now I know why the disclaimer on webpages. Consumers have no one to take responsibility if they fall victim to this like I did. Medical bill was 250 and product was 100. I knew better. I knew there is no miracle drink away the fat product. But I fell for it anyway. Take product if you want, me ps is already in trash.

posted Mar 12th, 2012 12:35 pm


I started taking ps yesterday I was fine had no problems well I'm on my second day and about an hour after I took the drink I started feeling absolutely horrible nausea horrible headache and not able to focus on any thing.....I will not take this product ever again this is a horrible way to feel!!!!!!!!!!!

posted Mar 9th, 2012 4:58 pm


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