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One Size Does NOT Fit All

Abby Campbell's meal planning that will boost your metabolism, breakthrough plateaus and help you achieve maximum fat loss today!

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“In a world full of confusion due to various diets, magic pills and misinformation – my goal is to give you dieting techniques and tips based on scientific research and tested on tens of thousands of people.” – Abby Campbell, author of One Size Does NOT Fit All

According to Abby Campbell, owner of 911 Body ResQ, a fitness and nutrition consulting company, people cannot count on diet books that approach weight loss with a one-size-fits-all method. People cannot count on doctors who have not been trained in nutrition or on the USDA to provide fat loss guidelines. Campbell created the One Size Does NOT Fit All diet and fitness program as a remedy to the confusion struggling dieters face.

Campbell is a leading professional fitness and nutrition expert, research and author who has helped thousands of women lose weight using her scientifically-proven techniques. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as professional certifications in fitness and sport nutrition from the International Sports Sciences Association and the Athletic Certification Training Commission.

The One Size Does NOT Fit All diet and nutrition program is based on the sports dieting concept of “nutrient timing.” Nutrient timing incorporates the type of food consumed, such as protein, with the amount of time between eating and exercise. According to the concept, when the right foods are present at the right time, superior physical development and recovery occur for fast fat loss. Campbell includes in the book the pre-figured calorie calculations and the best macronutrient ratios needed for fat loss to make menu planning simple.

  • Author is a fitness and nutrition expert with years of experience helping women lose fat
  • Calorie calculations and macronutrient ratios are pre-figured for all types of bodies (by weight) and activity levels
  • Uses a time-tested dieting technique known as nutrient timing
  • Recipes, meal planning and menus included
  • Diet and nutrition phases are not outlined in a manner of moving up level by level
  • Protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios might be confusing
  • Meal blocks outlined in the program could be too complicated for some dieters
  • The book does not include workout routines

The One Size Does NOT Fit All diet and nutrition program is based on nine principles for eating smart, including eating natural protein- and fiber-rich foods at regular intervals of every two to four hours, drinking water and tea and cooking at home. The nine principles outlined in the program make up the first phase of the program, which the author advises individuals to stick to if they’re seeing results.

If dieters need more organization or have mastered the first phase, the author recommends that they move on to the second phase. The second phase of the program teaches dieters how to balance meals with protein, carbohydrates and fat to build their own healthy plates. Phase two includes meal planning and macronutrient ratios for non-workout, cardio and regular workout days.

The third phase of the diet and nutrition program provides detailed blueprints for dieters who have mastered the nine principles and still need more organization for their meal planning. Blueprints have already been developed for individuals of all body types and activity level for ease of use and management. Menus are provided for non-workout, normal workout and strenuous workout days.

Finally, the book provides several recipes and simple cooking techniques to help individuals create their own meal planning and menus.


The One Size Does NOT Fit All diet and exercise program recommends and assumes dieters will be engaging in normal and strenuous workouts in order to achieve their goals. While some specific exercise information is included, such as working out to a percentage of heart rate, no workout routines are developed for use.


The One Size Does NOT Fit All diet and fitness program approaches fat loss from a scientific method incorporating individuals’ unique body weights and activity levels to prescribe the proper amount and type of food for the best fat loss results. While calorie calculations and macronutrient ratios are pre-figured for ease of use, the phases of the diet and nutrition program are laid out in a confusing manner so that dieters might not know when to move on to the next phase or ignore the remaining phases. In addition, the program does not provide workout routines for new dieters hoping to incorporate fitness into their diet and nutrition plan. The plan does, however, recommend that dieters following the program engage in regular and strenuous workouts with proper recovery time.

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I had gastric bypass surgery in 2001 and went from 565 pounds to 230 pounds. However, I never learned how to eat properly. The support group I went to was never very good in teaching nutrition habits, and I gained back almost all my weight. I got back up to 522 pounds. I found Abby Campbell's book and bought it through Amazon in January when it was published. Though blueprints only go to 280 pounds, I didn't use the blueprints as those were for more advanced users like those who wanted more precision such as bodybuilders and figure athletes. I just stuck to the first phase with the 9 principles because that is what I needed most - learning healthy eating habits. Abby says that I don't need to move on to phase 2 if I'm seeing results as phase 1 is the easiest to use. I liked that because I didn't want to be pinned down to planning every single meal. Since mid-January, I have lost 68 pounds. I know I have a ton more to go, but these principles actually work. Even my lab results have gotten better. I plan to continue and can't wait to reach my goals, though I may need more skin surgeries when I'm done.

posted May 28th, 2013 7:32 pm

Ann Phillips

This book is the most awesome and detailed diet plan I have found. It provides a ton of blueprints for most weight classes and different activity levels so that weight plateaus are nipped in the bud.

posted May 8th, 2013 2:02 am


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