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Omnitrition Drops

hCG drops manufactured by Omnitrition.

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  • Founder: Roger and Barbara Daley
  • Headquarters: Reno, Nevada
  • Accessibility: Online
  • Diet Type: Weight loss drops; extremely low-calorie diet
  • Gender: Male, female

Omnitrition Drops are Omnitrition’s version of the dietary supplement hCG drops that are currently so popular. The drops can be purchased through a personal representative for the company and it is marketed to those that are serious about wanting to lose weight. The web site features information on the results people are experiencing in a short amount of time using the Omnitrition Drops. One bottle of the product lasts for 42 days and the claim is that you can lose one pound per day while on this program. The web site clearly states that if you take the drops without following the super strict diet you will not lose weight. This is important because the diet required is only 500 calories per day, which shows that the diet is probably the reason for the weight loss rather than the drops. There appear to be no money-back guarantees available for Omnitrition Drops and there is no real proof that the customer testimonials featured on the web site are real.

  • Some customer testimonials showed promising results
  • No indication that the program works
  • Requires a very strict diet
  • Only allows eating of 500 calories each day
  • Very little product information available on the web site
  • No money-back guarantee
  • hCG diet drops have been proven ineffective toward weight loss by the FDA
  • Weight loss only continues while the drops are being taken
  • hCG hormone
  • Purified water

The instructions for taking Omnitrition Drops are included with the product.


Taking the Omnitrition Drops is combined with a very low diet of 500 calories per day. This level of low calories puts your body into starvation mode. The company is clear in stating that without the diet, you will not lose weight.


Omnitrition Drops are simply another version of the controversial hCG drops and diet that is currently so popular. The Omnitrition program is expensive and the low calorie diet that is required is touted as the true reason for any weight loss on this type of program. A safer way to lose weight and keep it off would be to eat a reduced calorie diet that will provide enough food to keep you fueled throughout the day, and exercise more.

Common Misspellings

omntrition drops, omnitritions drops, nitration drops, onitrition drops

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User Feedback

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After the births of my 3 boys, I found myself 100 heavier than my wedding day. For 17 years I tried every diet you can think of to lose weight. The most I ever lost was 20 pounds and then I would gain it back. Then I found Omnitrition...over 8 months I easily lost 80 pounds! I don't understand why they say HCG does not work...I am living proof. My doctor was so happy!

posted Jan 24th, 2015 3:36 am

Chrissy Larkins

I have tried many diets before.
I have tried just eating 500 calories. I have tried following the Omnitrition food plan WITHOUT the drops and it made me sick.
I finally bought the drops and used both together. It worked. I was about to spend $9000.00 to get a tummy tuck. I am glad i spent $239.00 over 9 Gs! It works. and it it doesnt you do get ur money back :)

posted Dec 17th, 2014 10:04 pm


Is it necessary to drink a gallon of water a day? I started on my diet a week ago I've dropped 10 pounds. I love it! I feel great, the only thing is drinking a gallon of water a day.

posted Nov 21st, 2014 3:22 am


I have lost over 125 lbs (in less than a year) using these products. If you are experiencing what you think are side effects. You must have an underlying health issue. I love this program and have many friends and family also doing it. Those that are naysayers just want to find a reason why it won't work. It definately takes commitment but it's so worth it.

posted Nov 16th, 2014 4:14 am

Carrie Kuhn

On day 5 of Omni and have already lost 13 pounds. I love this product, Nothing else has seemed to ever work for my weight loss. I have another 60 to lose and I know I can do it. I already feel so much better about myself. So for all of you saying it don't work, Then you must not be following the diet correctly.. If you follow it correctly and don't cheat you will see a huge weight loss..
Love the product I even signed up to sell it , it works so great!!

posted Nov 11th, 2014 7:04 pm

Julie Simpson

The allegations in this article are not true. It has worked wonderfully for many people, It is not a 500 calorie a day diet, and it comes with a money back guarantee. Whoever wrote the article didn't do research at all. Research this product yourself.

posted Sep 17th, 2014 7:04 pm

Unhappy Girl

Like Paula, this sent me to the doctors quickly because of my heart. They told me it was dangerous and stop taking this product. It also caused anemia. I'm reading comments and I know the good comments are by distributors and people during the first week or two of the diet. The only people happy with this diet are the ones making money off of us.

posted Sep 3rd, 2014 7:56 pm


THIS DIET ROCKS, anyone above who has negative things to say is either medically too ill to diet at all or not technical enough to understand or follow the information. The drops actually allow you to pull reserve fat from the lack of calories. I dont sell it, dont plan to, but did use it once and lost 28 lbs in 35 days. It also led me away from carbs and whites. I HAVE NEVER felt better and more energy. Even this website clearly does not understand the basis or facts with this diet based on their con remarks.
1,, no indication that it works??? gf is a medical doctor and Im an works BEYOND expectations
2,,,very stict diet??? there are tons of recipes and you eat well....what kind of bafoon diet reviewer is this site hire...must be a short line for their job
3,,, very little product info??...duhh...try the list of distributors....its sad the one lady had a distributor that was all about the money...if that distributor was smarter she would be all about the diet and let the product sell itself, I kinda want to join now..I can def see a money maker on this diet if i sold it
4,,, no money back?.....maybe....but how often do you get to return used food products??? WTF?
5,,, fda says not proven for weight loss.....hello???..anybody home/??....NOSHIP...thats what they say is intended to shift caloric draw from reserves as an derivative of the natural hormone. It emulates what pregnant woman produce but much less dose. Even a crack head woman has a healthy baby, and its because of HGC...f the fda?...thats what theoretically they are doing to you?
5,,wieght loss only continues while drops taken?? about the weight loss after you stop and have re-learned how to eat correctly and eliminate all the fat and carbs?.... I lost after i at minimum you will stabilize unless you go right out and do half gallons of ice cream?

Folks...I dont get it..I have never dieted and never thought I would have too...but I had fun donig this, its not only safe, it makes you feel so young again....and were ever you get it...just avoid the sales....flat out tell em..not interested until i see it works...follow the plan...and you will totally freak out how good it works. It is amazing.

posted Aug 29th, 2014 2:45 am

happy girl

It was recommend to me, by my doctor to try a 500 calorie diet (specifically an hcg diet) to lose weight after I lost 70# and have had no new change in over a year. This was after the diet pills she had me on didnt work either. I have been eating right and at the gym regularly, even hired a trainer, no results. I found omni through my sisters friend and an employee. I have been on the system for 3 days and have lost 10#. I feel great. Nothing has helped me in my weight loss struggle till now. I did my part but needed the push back over the the weight loss stagnation. I still workout because I do not want to lose my habit so I can keep it off when im done, I have just cut back on what and how much I do.

posted Aug 5th, 2014 6:21 am


This was a terrible detour in my weight loss journey. I friend of mine kept asking me to try it (she is a distributor) and when I finally gave in, her 2 hour meeting with me was all about the ways to make money by becoming a distributor of the product and bragging about how much she makes per month. Only a quick/rushed 20 minutes on what the diet entails.
She left $175 richer and I was left with a scam of a diet....
It was terrible! After the "load" where you stuff yourself with fatty foods for 2 days, you suddenly go into starvation mode for 3+ weeks on 500 calories a day, plus a gallon of water or fruit tea, DAILY. I was so shaky and disoriented by day 7, I had to quit. My coworkers were concerned about my lack of energy and I was seriously considering eating my own fingers at one point. :)
Worse, when I asked my distributor about the lack of energy, terrible food choices/so limited (and the terrible seasonings - everything is flavored or sweetened with stevia, and I'm not a sweets person), she just said to take more drops.
Well, the drops must be full of caffeine because they sent my heart racing -to the point where I nearly called 911 one night as I lay in bed, all jerky, aggitated and counting twice as many heart beats in a minute then what is normal! It scared the wits out of me so I quit it...after eating normally for a few days, I was back to normal and so happy! The very few vegetables you're allowed to eat, and the few pieces of fruit, along with very little protein seasoned with ginger and stevia (yeah, awful), I was shaking and had dark circles under my eyes.
I would NOT recommend this diet to anyone unless you're desperate and don't care if it affects your heart or sleep. I see they sell Nite Lite drops to help you sleep - that's because I'm convinced the drops are loaded with caffeine! My distributor is mormon and I'm sure that's why she loved those drops - after a life avoiding caffeine, it has quite an affect on her! haha
Bottom line is, just eat a big salad every day for lunch, a sensible breakfast and dinner, cut out sweets and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and lose weight the healthy way. I can't believe I feel for Omni...I'm on Weight Watchers now, and have lost over 20 lbs and I'm loving the recipes, wide variety of foods/unlimited, and cooking light for my family!

posted Jul 28th, 2014 11:48 pm


I am only on day 5 of dropping after my 2 days of loading and have dropped 11lbs. Someone mentioned exercise. I usually walk 5 miles a day. I have backed down to 3miles. I need to still exercise for peace of mind. But when I do I add 2 more oz. of protein. I am still losing. It works. You need to get creative with your meals even though the food list for dropping is short!

posted Jun 27th, 2014 6:14 pm


I can't say enough good things about this diet! I've lost 18 lbs. in two weeks and I feel really great. A lot of people say such a low calorie diet is not healthy however there are current studies indicating just the opposite. Not to mention a fact that should be obvious, being overweight is equally unhealthy and in some cases deadly. I have always been, an emotional eater and never been able to stick to any type of diet, for some reason this one worked for me!

posted Jun 24th, 2014 10:16 pm

Lily Ann

Just finished a round, dropped 32 lbs. with only the drops, though I will use the NiteLite the second time around. I am smaller than I was in high school and feel awesome. Skin got uncomfortably dry at one point, but other than that, no side effects other than chronic compliments and feeling awesome.

posted May 17th, 2014 12:25 am


I was talked in to trying this and it was a huge mistake! I almost died. I had heart palpitations and my hemoglobin dropped to 8. I got very weak and stayed in bed for nearly 3weeks. My Dr. Recommended blood transfusion and gave me steroids to build strength back up. When I contacted my 'caring' coach she could give a shit less. As a matter of fact I could not get a refund! So don't think this is something to try and if it doesn't work you will get your money back. It is a pyramid scheme! Also go to and look up HCG you will find it is illegal. Good luck

posted May 16th, 2014 7:32 pm


I started the 43 day diet with the Omni drops at 280 lbs. At the end of 43 days I weighed in at 232 lbs. I lost 48 pounds in 43 days. I have gained back 8 lbs. but I have to omit I have not been eating right. Today I am starting a second round. True 500 calories is not much but with a little thought about it there is plenty that can be added to your meal that does not have but few calories. The first few days I had some hunger pains but it felt good. I knew it was working. I wrote down my weight on a calender every day. AMAZING.

posted May 16th, 2014 12:50 pm


I have been doing omni drops for 4 weeks now.. I have lost 15 lbs and feel amazing. Over a year ago I tried some other brand of hcg drops and had negative side effects (face broke out, spotting, cranky) and i felt drained and hungry all the time so I only did it for 3 weeks. So, with Omni I was very skeptical and it took me a year to try the hcg diet again but I am so grateful I did. I have had no side effects with Omni drops. I feel healthier and more energetic than I have in a very long time. I dont feel hungry and actually I know its 500 calories but I feel like I am eating more than I did before the diet, I am just eating healthy. I don't like to call it a diet, I like to call it a life-changing program. Because that is what it is. It not only makes you feel better about yourself and helps you lose weight but it teaches you to eat healthier to have a healthier lifestyle. You become more aware of what you are putting into your body. I dont have junk food cravings anymore. Best of all I feel like I am finally finding myself again. I feel like I can be a better mother, wife and person overall. It's amazing how just feeling better about yourself can really help you start to improve in all other areas of your life. (spiritually, family, relationships, career). I know its pricey but when you add up all the $ you spend on a whole bunch of stuff that doesnt work you are spending way more than you would on Omni. Omni is so worth it plus if you are not satisfied there is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If the drops seems to drastic for some people Omnitrition has many other products that help with weight loss, too. No, I am not a distributor (although I am considered it) I just really believe in these products. I've seen what they have done for me and a lot of other people as well.

posted May 10th, 2014 7:16 pm

Christine Pryor

Started this diet on May 6th, did the two days of loading and lost two pounds in those two day, that was loading! I am now on day three of the 500 calorie diet, days one and two were miserable, I had given up coffee because I don't like stevia and didn't think I could handle black coffee, this resulted in 2 days of seriors caffeine withdrawals so I felt miserable. Day three I had some black coffee so the headache is gone, I feel great and have lost 6 pounds already. I am still kind of skeptical because once I lost 6 pounds on weight watchers and then just couldn't seem to lose anymore so gave up. If this keeps up I will definitely be a believer. I know others have lost lots of weight, I just need to see it come off of me. I will keeo believers and unbelievers posted.

posted May 10th, 2014 7:11 pm


I have a few friends taking these products and they seem to be doing fine with them and losing weight. My issue with them is that it requires no exercise (and to me to loose weight in a healthy manner you have to exercise) you can only eat 500 calories a day ( that is not healthy for you a bit! Your body need critical vitamins and minerals from the food you eat) and it's all about losing the weight FAST...... that too is not healthy for you body. If you lose weight fast without exercise and a low calorie diet.... you are going to have a body lacking nutrients with saggy skin and muscle loss. Sorry people but I am all about taking care of my body and doing what is going to keep me healthy. No omnitrition for me. I have done my research and I will be using Genisis Pure products..... they actually have people's health in mind.

posted May 6th, 2014 2:44 pm

Heather Dixon

I have been overweight my whole life and before I tried Omni I was just like you all looking for a reason that it wouldnt work on me.
I am so glad that I didnt listen to all of the negativity and gave it a try! I am currently on my second round and I have lost 80 lbs since December 26th of 2013.
This is the only thing that has ever worked for me and teach me how to eat lo live not live to eat. If you are looking into this you should really try it!!
Im so glad that I did!!

posted Apr 16th, 2014 4:50 pm


This is the only weightloss program I've ever been introduced to. I've been using the products for 2 years and have to say I'm healthier than I've ever been!

The program is safe. My friend works at a hospital and all the dr's she works with would recommend these products to their patients.

The drops helps me go from a size 14/16 to 4/6 in less than 5 months. I wasn't as successful with the 3rd phase and went back into poor eating habits, so I did gain some of the weight back, but my body has transformed. Even after gaining weight back I still didn't pass a size 10.

I have friends who have been able to maintain and have not gained the weight back! They're loving life, and pay it forward.

I would recommend if using the drops to also use Omni 4 (liquid vit), charge (energy in a bottle), nite lite (sleep in a bottle), garcinia cambogia (weight-loss assist), and opt. Thermo Java Sugar-free (burns fat and has caffeine).

It's an investment at first! But pays off in the end! Plus there are options to sell the products, which allows you a greater discount and can at least pay for your products each month!

posted Mar 15th, 2014 5:25 pm


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