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How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

This ebook offers the needed info to lose 100 pounds or more.

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  • Established: 2012
  • Author: P. Seymour
  • Accessibility: Book
  • Diet Type: Your choice
  • Gender: Female

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How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Healthy is a newly released ebook that offers you very helpful instructions on how to lose 100 pounds or more. The author is P. Seymour and she writes through her personal experience of losing over 100 pounds. This is a great book for those with lots of weight to lose that have tried various diets without success. The strategies in How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Healthy will also work for those with smaller amounts of weight to lose. Using this book you will be able to find true motivation that will stay with you while throughout your weight loss journey. One of the first things recommended is that you know your personal story, and change it. This basically tells you to change your mind when it comes to thinking you can’t lose weight. If you believe you can’t, then you can’t. If you don’t change your mind, you will forever be stuck in the same place. When you change the story in your heard, you can start losing weight rapidly and find what works for you.

  • Encourages positive thinking to reach your goals
  • Advice can help you reach large weight loss goals
  • Author used these steps on her own weight loss journey
  • Works no matter how much weight you have to lose
  • Encourages you to find the nutrition program that works for you
  • Uses diet and exercise to help you reach your goals
  • None to speak of

How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Healthy offers some really simple tips that you can use to be on your way to losing 100 pounds or however much weight you desire to lose. One of the most important things you can do is take a before pic so that you know your starting point. In addition to taking your pictures, you’ve got to get going by making small goals on a weekly basis. Taking things slowly will allow you to break down a large goal into something that is more achievable. This also helps you make commitments that you know you can follow through with at the beginning which will lead to big results over time. For someone that is looking to lose over 100 pounds, your first week commitment might be to take a daily vitamin, create positive affirmations to your negative thoughts or keep a daily log of the foods you are eating.

Doing things like drinking eight glasses of water and incorporating exercise are also pivotal in reaching your goals. How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Healthy does not give you a specific diet plan to follow. Instead, this book outlines a few of the more popular programs to give an idea of what they entail. You are in charge of selecting a program that works best for you. Some of those featured include Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and NutriSystem. When making your selection, you are advised to involve your doctor so that they can direct you by keeping your individual health in mind.


Exercise is absolutely necessary for you to lose the weight you desire. During week three of making small changes, it is suggested that you start building up to regular exercise. For those that have not been exercising at all, it is recommended that you go for a walk for 15 minutes five times per week. You want to do something that is achievable to start that might be a challenge at the moment. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you reach that goal and help you move on to the next challenge of the plan. After you have gotten some regular exercise worked in, you can add more as you feel up to the challenge.


How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Healthy is part of a series of ebooks that show you how to lose 100 pounds or more and keep it off through making small changes and setting goals. The information is simple and easy to follow, and you can use the food plan of your choice. Through the recommended tips of finding encouragement, being accountable and making changes each week, you can reach your weight loss goals.

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