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High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet

A promising diet ideal for weight loss or building muscle.

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High Protein Diets may help you lose weight thanks to the satiating powers of protein. Different from the low-carb diets, but similar in the low glycemic count, High Protein Diets, when used in combination with exercise, have shown in clinical studies to take off excess pounds and fat while also controlling hunger and managing blood lipid levels.

The Dietary Reference Intake for protein currently suggests consuming anywhere from 10 to 35 percent of calories from protein. Experts recommend to consume about 120 grams of protein a day to receive the weight loss benefits.

Scientists aren't sure why protein seems to suppress appetite, but research does show promise that a diet high in protein with moderate carbohydrate consumption and regular exercise can effectively take off weight.

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  • Studies show promise for weight loss success
  • Too many carbs can lead to a surge in blood sugar levels
  • Moderates appetite
  • Endorses an exercise plan
  • Strongly restricts the consumption of refined carbs
  • Can be followed by vegetarians
  • Ideal for body builders
  • Carb cravings may be strong when diet is initially followed
  • No research yet on long-term success
  • Should not be followed by those with kidney disease
  • Difficult for vegans to follow

The High Protein Diet calls for consuming about 120 grams of protein every day, or about 35 percent of daily calories. Carbohydrates should amount to no more than 50 percent of total calories and fat reduced to approximately 20 percent of calories.

In following the High Protein Diet, protein needs to be consumed at every meal and snack. In addition, high carb foods that spike blood sugar are restricted and replaced by carbs with plenty of fiber and slow-releasing sugars or starches.

  • Breakfast might be an egg white or whole egg omelet with a side of smoked salmon or turkey bacon.

  • Lunch might be a poached chicken breast on a bed of lettuce topped with other low glycemic vegetables.

  • Dinner might be grilled tenderloin and a side of steamed lentils and asparagus.

  • Snacks include low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese sticks, hard-boiled eggs, edamame and yogurt.


While specific exercise requirements might differ according to a particular High Protein Diet, regular physical activity must be performed on most days of the week in order to receive weight loss benefits.


The High Protein has shown significant promise in the initial clinical trials for reducing weight, controlling appetite and reducing blood lipids. With carb counts kept at a moderate level and fat content reduced as well, the High Protein Diet can support weight loss, particularly when coupled with a regular exercise program.

In order to rule out any contraindications, talk to your doctor before increasing your protein levels.

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Ideal protein works. Today is my 13th day and i am down 14 pounds. My two colleagues tried it and they have lost 28 pounds in 6 weeks. It works.

posted May 3rd, 2010 9:55 pm


I am finishing up Day 3 of the Ideal Protein diet. The first two days were a lil rocky due to not getting the sugary foods and carb packed foods I was used to but today was much easier. I feel lots better after only a few days and am confident this is finally going to help me shed the 50 lbs I have put on over the years.

posted May 1st, 2010 9:29 pm


I'm researching this Ideal Protein diet, which is why I'm here...any information on anyone that's tried it...it's not cheap but it if will work...it's worth it.... input???

posted Apr 27th, 2010 11:05 pm



I am going to start Ideal Protein on the 1st of May. Are you currently doing it? My biggest fear is that I am going to fail and spend all this money on it. Did you excercise when you were on it?

posted Apr 25th, 2010 8:42 pm


If you would like some info on Ideal Protein contact me, The above article is not a reflection of the Ideal Protein diet because Ideal Protein is not a high protein diet it is "ideal" :)

posted Mar 14th, 2010 10:15 pm



I'm in the middle of researching the Ideal Protein Diet. This was the closest thing I could find in terms of reviews. Any word on that particular diet plan?

Other than that, there were a few tidbits that I did find helpful.

posted Aug 24th, 2009 11:09 pm


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