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The Fresh Diet

A fresh approach to meal-delivery diets

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  • Established: 2005
  • Founder: Zalmi Duchman
  • Headquarters: Surfside, Florida
  • Accessibility: Online ordering with daily or twice weekly delivery
  • Diet Type: Meal delivery
  • Gender: Male, female

The Fresh Diet is a local service that hails out of North Florida and serves the entire South Florida region. It bases its fresh-food delivery service solely on the Zone Diet by Dr. Sears, but is not in any way affiliated with the good doctor or his site. Instead, The Fresh Diet is, in effect, a kitchen that cooks and compiles the best of Dr. Sear's food ideas and ships them daily to the recipient. Nothing is ever frozen or vacuum-packed.

In order to make this service both healthy and affordable, the staff at The Fresh Diet have a roll-over plan that allows you to cancel a meal within 24 hours and to re-utilize it at a later date. Thus, if you have plans to leave town for a couple days, you won't lose out on your meal ticket, you will simply order two that would have belonged to the previous week and add them at a later date. A 24/7 concierge is always at your service to help with these last-minute change of plans.

Finally, in order to accommodate their client’s likes and dislikes, or food allergies, The Fresh Diet allows up to eight choices of "never serve me" foods for their Chef's Choice package, and an unlimited array of "I do not like" listings from their Premium Choice package.

The Fresh Diet began in Florida in 2005 and continues to grow. Almost like a caterer on steroids, The Fresh Diet ensures that you never have to suffer through a TV dinner or canned soup meal again. Additionally, since it is based on one of the most respected diet plans, more commonly known as a way-of-life eating plan, it ensures that you will obtain a full array of nutritional foods that are actually good for you. No more guessing at caloric intake or trying to figure out the percentage of carbohydrates versus proteins. This company balances each meal and snack according to the Zone Diet outlines.


The Fresh Diet is a progressive company that is growing rapidly. Their chefs strive to bring new recipe ideas to the table and compete with one another for the privilege of offering them on The Fresh Diet's refreshing menu.

  • Always fresh, never frozen or vacuum-packed food.
  • Three meals and two snacks delivered fresh daily.
  • Choose meals up to 31 days ahead or no less than 3 days prior.
  • Emergency 24-hour cancellation available through a personal concierge.
  • Personal diet counselors are at your service to help advise you concerning weight issues.
  • Recently expanded to serve more locations than just Miami
  • At this time, only serving Miami, Chicago and Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • This is a Gourmet Food service and is probably not a good option for a family situation

The Zone Diet is a loud and proud proponent of the Omega-3 group of fatty acids, and their healthy benefits. Since Omega-3s are primarily found in fish oils, The Fresh Diet offers a wide array of fish, cooked to perfection by a group of chefs who enjoy cooking. Of course, they also offer steak or corned beef, but each dish is balanced with fruits, vegetables and snacks, designed for optimal nutrition. A small sampling of food choices are:

  • Crab Cake Drizzled with Chipotle Lime Sauce
  • Spicy Tilapia Steak, dressed with jerk rub & lime
  • Fruit Kabobs with Citrus Yogurt Dip
  • Smoked Salmon with eggs on whole wheat with chives and lemon balm
  • Avocado Swiss California Burger on Whole Wheat Bun
  • Exotic Fruit Salad with Fresh Mango, Papaya, Kiwi, Pineapple & Passion Fruit w/yogurt

The Fresh Diet is a big success in the limited area it currently serves. The very essence of its existence is that it provides fresh food within a defined delivery area, meaning that the food is not only the highest quality, but prepared with solid dietary foundations found within the Zone Diet. If this enterprising young business franchises, and keeps its quality and delivery viable enough to ensure freshness, it may very well be one of the best diet offerings to come along in a great while.

Common Misspellings

Frash Diet, Fresh Deit, Freshest Diet, Fresh Meals Diet

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bad food for the price. kind of made me feel sick.

Also they forgot to deliver a meal and instead of being nice about it, tried to blame me. Not a great company to do business with.

posted Apr 12th, 2012 7:29 pm


Bad food, Terrible delivery, HORRIBLE customer service. They TRAP you into a longterm agreement before you get the first digusting morsel. You will regret them

posted Apr 12th, 2012 2:27 pm


Most of the negative reviews on here are completely false allegations. If these people were not losing weight then they were obviously cheating on their diets and looking for an excuse (that most lazy fat people do) so they can feel like it was not their fault. This company is amazing. Food is absolutely delicious and the prices may seem expensive ONLY because you pay so much money upfront. BUT when you break it down you are spending just as much as you would if you cooked this "healthy" food yourself. PLUS your saving the shopping, prepping and cooking time. These days parents both work, sometimes TWO jobs. WHERE do they find time to shop, prep and cook HEALTHY meals??? They dont! SOLUTION= McDonalds....thanks for making 40% of all people obese buddy! FRESH MEALS is worth every penny...IF you actually care about your quality of life along with your childrens. STOP making excuses America.

posted Apr 2nd, 2012 7:40 pm


OverPriced and tasteless. Locked into an entire month, even tho I called one day after their bland and tasteless box delived by FEDEX (not by hand) dropped on my door. Each sealed pack was moisture ridden soaking into the bread products. Doubt anyone will make it far on this grab a month up front and let the customer actually eat the product two weeks later. Called to cancel and told NOPE we keeping all your money even tho we havent ordered, made, or even shipped your food. I feel RIPPED OFF!

posted Mar 22nd, 2012 7:09 pm


The diet is expensive and not worth it. For the amount of money they charge you per day, you are better off going a different route. The food portions are diet size, so yes, they are small. However, the quality of the food is not at all impressive. Even the fruit was bad. A number of the meals I really had to force myself to eat (ironic?). My biggest complaint is that the food made me feel physically ill. Hate to say it, but I was constipated. Another example is that I had such bad stomach aches at work that was unable to move. I am a healthy 28 year old (that wanted to lose ten pounds-which I did not do - exercising daily and ALL), I should not of been experiencing such excruciating stomach pains that would cause me to be incapacitated.

To top it off, the customer service was quite difficult.

Therefore, I would not recommend The Fresh Diet.

posted Mar 12th, 2012 7:47 pm


The Fresh Diet food is fine, but the customer service is ABYSMAL. My delivery proceeded without a problem for two weeks and suddenly one day there was no delivery. No warning, no courtesy call. I had to call the company 5 times over two days to get any response - and I actually have not receive a response yet. The "concierge" representatives were rude and condescending - no one apologized, no one seemed to care. They promised someone from the "management team" would call me the next day - never happened. I called the customer service line again and the woman sounded absolutely bored. Given the money you pay for the program, it would be nice to have a little courtesy and concern for the customers. I'm still waiting for an explanation and an apology. I will not renew on the Fresh Diet and advise others to avoid it - they do NOT care about the customer.

posted Feb 3rd, 2012 12:30 am


Crazy expensive... can't even give a review because I can't afford $1,700 as an initial cost. Just insane.

posted Jan 25th, 2012 10:45 pm


Read all the negative comments before you sign up. Am told that many of the positive comments may be initiated on behalf of Fresh Diet.

posted Jan 24th, 2012 8:56 pm


Im super busy at work and I dont have time to cook. I ate out alot and I would always cheat on my diet. I love this diet. No planning or measurring. Its so me. I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. I just wish it was cheaper.

posted Jan 22nd, 2012 3:13 pm


Have been on Fresh Diet in Houston for one week now - Premier Choice. Every meal and snack I have had has been delicious! Yes, the portions are smaller than I am used to eating - but that's the point of a "diet" - quit pigging out.

posted Dec 30th, 2011 4:21 am


DON'T signup for this service. They avoid giving refunds, even for amounts over $1000. Portions are not large enough to satisfy the normal persons hunger. Foods don't have a statement of ingredients. Foods are included that should in no way be considered diet, such as sugar and cream laden cheesecake. One wonders about the reasons for increasingly discounted pricing.

posted Dec 5th, 2011 11:47 pm

Matt Jonatelli

live in the LA area and everything has always been great for me. fresh, good food, delivered on-time, etc. i like it!

posted Dec 2nd, 2011 8:40 pm


This diet is VERY EXPENSIVE... Was on it for a couple of months and then stopped... They will NOT stop SPAMMING me to death!!! I've asked them, several times, to PLEASE stop sending me e-mails... I've tried to unsubscribe, but they INSIST on sending me their numerous unwanted e-mails... They seem desperate for pull money out of my wallet... THEY ARE RELENTLESS!!! Not a good company to deal with... Very disrespectful...

posted Nov 29th, 2011 3:51 am


This diet is VERY EXPENSIVE... Was on it for a couple of months and then stopped... They will NOT stop SPAMMING me to death!!! I've asked them, several times, to PLEASE stop sending me e-mails... I've tried to unsubscribe, but they INSIST on sending me their numerous unwanted e-mails... They seem desperate for pull money out of my wallet... THEY ARE RELENTLESS!!! Not a good company to deal with... Very disrespectful...

posted Nov 29th, 2011 3:49 am


Haven't seen many balanced reviews for this program so thought I would chime in. I have been on the Fresh Diet for three months and have lost about 25 pounds. Overall it has been a net positive experience for me, but this diet is not for everyone. It is quite expensive. There is high variability in food quality/freshness (and from reading reviews high variability by region). e.g. Fruit is not great and fish often overcooked. You have to learn through trial and error which items are reasonably good (and even very good) and which are really barely edible. You also cannot rely on the microwave. I have managed to make most of my meals fairly palatable by creative use of oven, stove top, etc. and adding some of my own seasoning and sometimes supplementing with additional vegetables. I have had no missed deliveries in the Bay Area of San Francisco and have had to ask for credits three times, for wrong selections and/or damaged packaging. Customer Service has been courteous and prompt in providing the credits. On the positive side, it has really helped me jump start a desperately needed diet, provide some variety, provide a reminder of portion size, carb/protein balance etc. and creative ideas for healthy meals (which I can actually execute much better myself!) and I have been applying this learning on weekends (I have been doing the plan 5 days a week). This has worked well for me, but they clearly need to address some serious quality control issues if they intend to keep growing.

posted Oct 28th, 2011 5:13 pm


I like this diet. The food is really good most all the time. It is delivered during the middle of the night in insulated thermal containers with ice packs so the food arrives fresh. I am on the 1200-1400 calorie diet and so far have lost 12 pounds. I don't know how long I will stay on it as it is expensive but this has given me the incentive I needed to lose weight. I can already see the results after 5 weeks. It also has shown me the correct size portion I need to eat.

posted Oct 13th, 2011 2:02 pm


This cool diet fresh tasty nothing from package the only thing is if the person used to eat tons of food a day (Mc Donald Junkies) this is not for you Fresh diet is for people who looks like people not a behemoths on french fries portion are normal but this is not usual american diner portion where one salad can easily can go North of 1500 calories

posted Oct 7th, 2011 1:35 pm


I just started The Fresh Diet and am in love with it. I am not in the best of health following a life threatening illness that I am still battling. These meals are perfect and delicious to help me get my life back. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants and needs to learn how to eat properly. Thumbs up to The Fresh Diet. Thank you!

posted Sep 6th, 2011 3:27 pm

Kenneth Hurley

About 1/3 of the food was good. It's not a diet for everyone, as the food comes cold and you have to reheat the hot meals. Also, deserts are made with Splenda, and there are health concerns with using sugar substitutes.

posted Sep 2nd, 2011 8:58 pm

C. Casey

Stay away from Fresh Diet. I cannot comment on the food quality because I never received any deliveries. When I mailed them my keys to start delivery, I gave specific instructions (over the phone and in the package I mailed the keys in) to please call me to confirm they received my keys. They never called to say they were received. 3 weeks go by without deliveries and I have to call constantly to inquire about the status. Finally, too frustrated to continue, I cancelled the service. I was then told my refund would take a ‚??few weeks‚?? and that they would send my keys back within 2 days. I called again, a week later, because I never got them back in the mail. They delivered my keys by leaving them with nobody, somewhere in the lobby where anyone could and probably did pick them up. They have never been found. Despite numerous confirmations by customer service that they delivery manager would contact me, they never did. They also never bothered to call me to specify, ask, or make arrangements to drop my keys off. Poor communication and lack of concern makes them a HUGE security risk if you live in a New York City co-cop or apartment building and have to trust strangers with your keys!

Also, this may not be a concern for everyone, but no ingredients in the fresh diet are organic.

posted Aug 31st, 2011 1:22 pm


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