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Want to lose weight but not sure where to start? Here's one of diet convenience mainstays.

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  • Established: 1977
  • Founder: Daniel Abraham
  • Headquarters: Unilever in Unilever House, London
  • Stock Symbol: UL
  • Accessibility: Retailers and drug stores
  • Diet Type: Meal replacement through shakes, bars and snacks
  • Gender: Male, female

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Slim-Fast made its name with meal-replacement shakes. But today it has expanded into a complete weight loss plan complete with an array of products and an organized weight loss plan.

By lending convenience and simplicity to its dieters lives, it has grown its product offering to include bars, snacks, smoothies, as well as a meal plan called Slim-Fast Optima, which provides a healthy combination of complex carbs, protein and healthier fats. For those watching their carb intake, there is a low-carb option and a low-sugar option.

The Slim-Fast plan offers 100 percent of the nutrients your body requires and typically has women consuming 1,200 calories daily. Weight loss is supported by the low-caloric intake. The Slim-Fast plan allows you to use both their products and your choice of nutritious foods to promote healthy weight loss.

Slim-Fast outlines a four-step approach to weight loss: Portion control, sensible eating, regular physical activity, and support.

By sticking to the plan, you can lose 10% of your body weight in the first six months at a rate of one to two pounds a week.

  • Convenience of food products for people on the go
  • Variety of flavors to choose from
  • Realize actual weight loss
  • Calorie intake isn't unsafe
  • Named #3 in the Best Commercial Diets by US News, 2011
  • As with all packaged food plans, the cost will be more than if you prepare all of your own meals
  • Contains aspartame

There are a variety of ways to mix-and-match the Slim-Fast foods with your food choices. The Slim-Fast plan involves six small meals/snacks every day. You are advised to use Slim-Fast products for two meals and one snack daily.

The rest of the day, you're on your own to choose healthy meals when eating out or cooking at home. No calorie counting is necessary and no foods are forbidden; you can still eat your favorites. However, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables are emphasized.

Their meal plan might look like this:

  • Breakfast is a Slim-Fast Smoothie with six ounces of fat-free yogurt.

  • Lunch is a Slim-Fast Shake or Bar, in addition to a whole-wheat english muffin topped with marinara and low-fat mozzarella.

  • Dinner will be your one meal with no more than 500 calories. For dinner, divide your plate in fourths- half should be vegetables, one-quarter protein and one-quarter starch, along with a salad or fruit.

While following the Slim-Fast plan, be sure to drink plenty of water and commit to regular exercise.


The Slim-Fast website has a thorough exercise support system that you can customize to your needs and desires.

It is recommended that you exercise 30 minutes a day to receive optimal results.


Slim-Fast is one of the "veterans" in the prepackaged weight loss solution arena. They're popularly known for their meal replacement shakes, but that doesn't mean you are restricted to a liquid diet. Mix and match their products with regularly prepared healthy food, and busy people like you can find healthy weight loss success.

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I lost 40 lbs. with the help of Slim Fast drinks. I am not able to drink the dairy product but I did drink the pineapple/orange drink but have put some of the weight back now in the past couple years so I have been looking for those drinks again for a little help and no one can seem to get their hands on any for me. What is up with that.... no more help for the non dairy drinkers.

Anita Antkowiak

What is wrong with your protein shakes? I have been drinking them for 5 yrs. The last 4 multipacks I purchased have been undrinkable. They are so thick it barely comes out of the can and the taste is unbelievably awful. I used to get a can like this every once in a while, now the last four packs I've purchased I had to throw away....too much money for that nonsense.


hip hip horray for slim fast!!


slim fast is the best diet i have ever used! Wooooooo, SLIM-FAST!


I tried SlimFast and found I was sooo hungry all the time. I had a lot to lose, maybe that's why I was starving. Or was it the sugar in the SlimFast that made me hungry? The aspartame in some of the products gave me headaches.


they taste pretty good - like a real shake! and god knows I can't get all those vitamins with my usual diet of mcdonalds and taco bell.


i havnt tried it but im looking foward to it


this is a great diet i barely started and i aready can see a result i give it two thumbs up..


Slimfast used to have the Orange-pineapple flaver, and also Cranberry-apple and another fruit drink shake. They were very good. I haven't seen any of those flavors in the store. I liked them so much more than the chocolate and vanilla.


Love Slim Fast! The shakes are tasty and the bars are absolutely delicious! Along with daily exercise, the wight comes off!


I just love Slimfast! It is absolutely delicious and filling! Great way to stay on your diet!


This slimfast works for me to,i barely started the diet too and i can fill and see the result.




Slim Fast is great! They have been around forever as well so you can trust them more.


I've seen Slimfast work for a lot of people. My brother lost 70 pounds drinking the shakes and riding a bicycle. My husband lost 15 pounds just replacing his lunch the shakes. I finally decide to give it a try and I was surprised- they actually taste really good! Wish me luck!


I thought the instruction for dividing the plate in 4 was great. It makes it so easy when making dinner. And I can use it for my whole family.


I like the shakes. Breakfast & lunch- 20 pounds in 6 weeks.


Thank goodness they came out with these other snacking options, I was feeling limited with the shakes.


What a great product! there really isn't any other meal replacement diet that has worked quite as well for me as the Slim Fast. The taste is great as well. i also like Slim Script Lifescripts products because you can mix them with milk.


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