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Momentum 2-Day Slim Down

The two-day plan is a fasting program. But the buying it was a little tricky.

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The Momentum 2-Day Slim Down is a two-day liquid fast that rids your body of toxins and helps you lose up to 12 pounds right away. During the two-day fast you'll refrain from eating, having four, four ounce servings each day of the 2-Day Slim Down powder. This will decrease appetite, offers an energy booster and claims to burn fat.

2-Day Slim Down is a natural product, centered around a pure aloe vera base. 2-Day also includes fat-burning herbs and 100% of the daily required vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Some of these include vitamins C, B6, B12, chromium, aloe vera, ginseng tea and gingko biloba.

  • Encourages medical consultation first
  • Promotes healthy diet with some food suggestions
  • Promotes regular, moderate exercise
  • Natural blend of necessary nutrients
  • Provides ingredients list
  • No longer available (2008)
  • No clinical research published on site
  • Contains caffeine
Diet and Nutrition

While using the 2-Day Slim Down, you should avoid eating any food at all, as this is a liquid fast program. You should drink water throughout the day while using 2-Day, about two quarts/day is recommended. Some users eat Sugar-Free Jell-O.

The Momentum 2-Day Slim Down does promote following a healthy diet after the fast is complete to maintain the results. They suggest eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and strictly limit meat, sugar, oil, dairy and flour. It's also recommended that you not eat anything after 6 p.m. to allow your body time to digest and process food before bed.


2-Day Slim Down does recommend moderate exercise of 30 minutes each day, five days each week. Walking is a favored activity.


The Momentum 2-Day Slim Down is a liquid fast that will help you quickly lose weight for a special event or as a jumpstart to a new diet. It is concerning that you would not consume any food for two days, as those nutrients and calories are necessary for your body's health. The 2-Day Slim Down does offer 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. 2-Day also gives some direction and encouragement to follow a regular exercise program and make healthy food choices. Purchasing the product was a little difficult and raised some questions when we were redirected to a completely different product site.

Common Misspellings

Tow Day Slim Down, 2 Day Slim, Slim Down Diet

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you can only order the free bottle, you can't place a regular order of it. And it asks for your bank name, acct #, etc. to get the free bottle. sounds like a scam to me!


Do an internet search on this diet. Lots of people have gotten scammed by this company! Yah, only taking your bank acct is a red alert that you're about to be scammed.


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