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Lemonade Diet

Lemonade Diet

The fasting diet the stars are drinking up.

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The Master Cleanser Diet, also known as The Lemonade Diet, is a fasting plan that will shed pounds quickly. The diet was created by Stanley Burroughs more than 50 years ago. Burroughs, a proponent of varying alternative health remedies, had no medical or nutritional training.

The Lemonade Diet claims that its fasting technique rids the body of toxins that are induced by bad diet, lack of exercise and "negative mental attitudes." But where does the lemonade come into play? Well, that's all your going to ingest for 7-10 days. The magic elixir, purported to have been used by celebrities like Beyonce, Denzel Washington and Robin Quivers (of the Howard Stern Show) has grown in popularity, evidenced by the user video diaries that can be found on sites like YouTube.

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  • Fast weight loss, although there are no scientifically proven benefits to the Lemonade Diet, but that's obviously going to happen when you starve yourself
  • There is no medical evidence that cleansing diets work to rid the body of toxins
  • It's a short-term solution to something that needs to be a lifetime change
  • The Lemonade Diet, like all extended fasts, can have adverse effects on your organ function and metabolism.
Diet and Nutrition

The Lemonade Diet has fasters drink anywhere from 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade daily. The maple syrup diet recipe for the concoction is as follows:

  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice or lime juice
  • 2 Tbsp. real maple syrup
  • 1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 8 oz. water

Exercise is not addressed on The Lemonade Diet. And how could you properly exercise when you are fasting on a liquid diet?


Fasting, or "cleansing" diets, are fantastic bait for people looking for a quick fix to their weight woes. It's why celebrities are drawn to it. Maybe any possible health risks are okay for them, since they can write it off as a danger they take on for their career. But for the rest of us who should be thinking about a lifetime solution, look for something you can live with forever.

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hello im 13 and i weigh 270 lbs and i was wondering is this safe i need to lose 20 lbs asap the lemonade diet

posted May 22nd, 2012 11:05 pm


Hello my name is Meka, I'm 29 years old. I've been dieting for the past two months i.e (not eating past 6pm & making healthier choices, working out at the gym, and running at the park). so far I lost 35lbs. But I still haven't reached my goal. Therefore I'm starting The Lemonade Diet, wish me luck.

posted May 20th, 2012 7:20 am



Hey everyone! I will be starting the lemonade diet tomorrow. I did it for a 2 or so days a year ago and lost 5 pounds even though i still ate a sushi roll or two a day. Right now I'm 5'9" and 155 pounds, I plan on losing around 40 pounds within 2 weeks. Of course Im going to have to go to the gym every morning at 6 and run on the treadmill for a good hour and a half. Hopefully Ill be 117 pounds by Monday the 28th :)

posted May 14th, 2012 11:41 pm



I tried this diet and lost 10 pound in less than 4 days! I gotta say that it was hard not to eat after the 3rd day but I ate like one loaf of bread and one pizza and I still lost weight! I did gain the weight back though because eventually I could not go on without any food and the drink was horrible but I got used to it.

posted May 5th, 2012 1:03 am



is it better to drink fewer lemonade?..i want to loose 9kg for 16 days.. lemonade diet

posted Apr 26th, 2012 3:05 am



When to drink tea on lemonade diet? the salt water flush i cant keep down, is it better to drink tea in the morning or just a quart of water instead?

posted Apr 3rd, 2012 9:01 pm



Will the lemonade diet help a teen? Hi, i'm 14. I am 5'0 and 121 lbs. My doctor told me to watch my weight, at that time I was 132. I lost 11 pounds but need to keep going. I lost that weight at an outdoorsy camp that also had a diet of freakn cardboard and rice noodels. I'm very active, exercise a lot, and am on a year round cheer team. I eat healthy and have cut soda out of my diet. This fast seems like the only way to lose weight.

posted Apr 2nd, 2012 5:26 am


On my third day.
It is working.
Will power is managing.
Thought of food but dont want to spoil it.
Pinched a grape and a nut or two and that was so tasty.

posted Mar 14th, 2012 7:17 am

hanna cortez

hi my first day of the detox so far ok not that hungry only when i think or see yummy food lol. lightheaded here and there. i dot know if you r suppose to replace the salt water for a laxative tea but iam i do the tea in the morning and night. Someone please email me or comment back and let me know if its ok??????? thanks

posted Mar 7th, 2012 8:03 am


im 17 im 5'5 and weigh 185 i want to do this diet but im afraid that after i finish it that i will only keep gaining weight, i noticed that some people dont have to do anything and they still havent gained back the weight they lost so should i do the diet and find out?

posted Jan 26th, 2012 9:18 pm



I'm 13. Should I try the lemonade diet? Hi my name is Melanie but most people call me Mel for short. I am 13 and is 160LB also 5'03 inch tall.I get bullied everyday at school for being FAT and i hate it, the doctor said if i didnt lose some weigth i could have a heart dissorder. *No exercise* Should I Try it ?

posted Jan 24th, 2012 5:45 am

Phyllis Lily Jules


That's my grandfather, Stanley Burroughs behind this lemonade diet. Believe me, he was no healer. Ever wonder why there's no info about him? He ruled us with an iron fist.

I finally wrote about it. On Amazon, 'Turning Inside Out'. Learn the real story, don't be tricked.

posted Jan 22nd, 2012 11:44 pm


I did this last year and I lost 10lbs in 6 days. I'm 23, 5'0 and I was 120lbs, and I got down to 110lbs and it's been off ever since, even though I am a very unhealthy eater lol. I still want to lose about 5 more lbs for spring break so I'm starting it again next week. All you need is the willpower and keep busy so you don't think about food!

posted Jan 19th, 2012 3:28 pm



On the lemonade diet, is it ok to use green tea instead of a laxative? I'm starting this diet tomorrow but instead of laxative I'm using just plain green tea. Is that okay? I'm hopi

posted Jan 19th, 2012 4:10 am



I've been on the diet for five days now, and I absolutely love it. I havent weighed myself yet until im completely done in three days, but I can definitely see and feel a difference in my appearance and attitude. It's will power, and I have it!

posted Jan 10th, 2012 5:35 pm


Today is my first day starting the diet. I need to lose bout 20pounds.......from reading the review and comments I'm glad to have started. I'm needing support wish me luck.

posted Nov 14th, 2011 7:48 pm



i'm 14 5'5 and 125 pounds should i do this diet? i exercise about 2-3 times a day for and hour each.

posted Nov 9th, 2011 1:26 am



Im 14, 5'4 and 128 pounds. Should I do the lemonade diet?

posted Nov 9th, 2011 1:08 am


You can find the organic maple syrup at Kroger. It's about $7. I have all the supplies and am looking for some kind of container to store the lemonade in during the day at work. I think probably a liter sized rubbermaid jug will work. To the person who threw up the SWF, were you using sea salt? I think it makes a difference in the quality. I'm sure it's difficult to keep down, though.

posted Oct 20th, 2011 7:13 pm


I'm starting the lemonade tomorrow. Today is October 6,2011. I have intended this cleanse about 3 times already but never keep up with it after day 2. I am about 168, 5'4. I'm not exaggerated over weight but I do have about 25 pounds to lose to feel comfortable with my clothes again. I will be doing a 22 day round, I hope to finish it and have great results. Can I exercise? any examples and feedback would be great!

Thanks in advance.

posted Oct 6th, 2011 2:59 pm


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