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One of the leading diet and weight loss supplements

Top Rated Diet Pills of 2016
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  • Founder: Muscle Tech Research and Development
  • Headquarters: Mississauga Ontario Canada
  • Accessibility: Online and major retailers
  • Diet Type: Supplement taken with diet and exercise
  • Gender: Male, Female

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner as Sletrokor for better results


Hydroxycut Recall after FDA Warning to Stop Using the Diet Pill

Once making headlines for containing a controversial herb, Ephedra, banned by the FDA, Hydroxycut now offers an Ephedra-free product that claims to increase metabolism and energy while curbing your appetite, cutting calories and maintaining blood sugar.

When Hydroxycut is combined with a diet and exercise regimen, the product claims to help users shed two-to-three times more weight that without. When taking Hydroxycut, it is suggested that users commit to consistent exercise and a low-calorie diet. Take Hydroxycut half-to-one hour prior to meals with eight ounces of water.

  • Increases energy
  • Control appetite
  • Burn calories
  • Lose up to 4.5 times more weight than with diet and exercise alone
  • Recipes and exercises available
  • Research studies available
  • Hydroxycut Recall due to product association with death and liver damage

  • Must diet and exercise for Hydroxycut to work

  • Pills must be taken 30-60 minutes before meals which can be difficult if you don’t always eat at the same time
  • Contains caffeine
  • Hydroxycitric Acid, extracted from tropical fruit and linked with liver problems
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Potassium
  • Hydroxagen Plus
  • HydroxyTea
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea extract
  • White Tea extract
  • Soy

Take two caplets with eight ounce of water as a dietary supplement 3 times per day approximately 30-60 minutes before each meal. Do not snack after dinner. Consume 10 eight ounce glasses of water per day. Do not take within five hours of bedtime. For best results, use Hydroxycut for eight weeks with a low-calorie diet and exercise program. For the first three days of the program, take one capsule three times per day. From day four beyond, take two capsules three times per day.


There is no clear advice from Hydroxycut on an eating plan. You are encouraged to sticky to a healthy diet while taking the supplement. This kind of flexibility allows you to choose a plan of your liking.

For those with food allergies- Hydroxycut is a gluten-free product.


No guidance provided.


ConsumerHealthDigest.com conducted research of 30 dietary supplements. Scoring 3 on a scale of 1-5 for metabolism enhancement, weight-loss potential and ingredient control and 4 on a scale of 1-5 for appetite suppression, Hydroxycut ranked number 11.

Common Misspellings

Hydroxy Cut, Hydroxicut, hydroxcut, hydroxycut.com, hydroxy-cut, hydrox-cut,


Hydroxycut is a nutritional supplement marketed by Iovate Health Sciences Inc., designed to help consumers lose weight. It is sold at conventional retailers, such as GNC and Wal-Mart, online retailers such as and , and through direct television marketing.

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Lynsey Ingram


I started using Hydrixycut 2 weeks ago with regular a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise. I was 180lbs when i started the diet with hydroxycut and after 1.5 weeks, i weighed in at 172. Im sure exercise has a lot to do with it, but hydroxycut helped energize me. I was never motivated until i started taking it and i love it. So far i have no symptoms other people say they have. No headaches, no heart murmurs, nothing. I feel great.

posted Jan 9th, 2011 11:19 pm



I currently take Hydroxycut Hardcore X and it works great for me. With this formula it curbs your appetite to make your body use to consuming less. Now if I eat a sandwich my stomach feels bloated lol But now I have enough motivation to get up a work out and this product gives me the energy I need. It also helps to listen to loud music and roll off into another world. I recommend this product for persons who have the WANT to loose their extra baggage.

posted Dec 31st, 2010 1:46 am



this is the worst product on the market. i was220 and did everything that muscle and fitness told to do with a workout plus the pills and after 9 weeks i lost 1 pound of total fat. this product is the biggest rip off i have ever seen. stop spending your money. you can loose more weight by sitting.

posted Nov 24th, 2010 6:11 am

Husband of Hydroxycut taker


Don't Waste Your Money until you read!

This product doesn't work at all. If anyone loses weight with it, it's not because of the pills but a change in diet or lifestyle. The only people that seem to have success is severly overweight individuals that probably would lose weight with just a few diet changes anyways. My wife took it for 2 months with 0 results. Only a littel extra energy. Her routine was a minimal calarie diet with 4 days a week of Jillian's 3 day shread workout, amongst others. I believe she would have lost weight without taking Hydroxycut Acai, but instead had 0 results. Don't try this product, try anything else that has at least some kind of guarantee.!

posted Nov 1st, 2010 3:54 pm

Rodney Monroe

I lost 300 lbs after only one pill.

posted Oct 24th, 2010 4:46 pm

Jack Ellis

I have been taking these pills for about a month now. The pills were given to me by Chief Rodney Monroe ,who said ,his wife gave them to him after someone called him a Fathead. He said he took the pills for a month but his head was just as big.and it made his go to the bathroom a lot.
I have cut back on chicken wings and fatback and I hope it helps cause I don't want a fathead like Rodney

posted Oct 24th, 2010 4:43 pm



well I hve been taking it for about 2 and a half weeks now when i started i was 233.8lbs and i weighed myself two days ago and I was on 219. so its working so far for me! I have been working out quite a bit and drinking the water its says but following the instructions it worked for me!

posted Oct 14th, 2010 5:01 pm


It didn't do anything for me.

posted Oct 4th, 2010 6:52 pm

Tim Reed


I took Hydroxycut on and off for over a year. Just this last summer I was told by my doctor that i have liver damage. Please people be careful when you take things like this

posted Aug 29th, 2010 11:14 pm



I'm 24 yrs old, 5'6 and 180lbs. I was hoping to only loose 20lbs. The bottle of this merchandise was a gift to me so luckily I didn't feel like I wasted MY money. I took the pills as advised, worked out and drunk more than enough water. Not one pound was lost. I stopped taking them after 2wks due to lack of any results at all. I experienced headaches and nausea. My appeptite was curved the first few days but then stopped.

posted Aug 24th, 2010 3:14 pm


i started 15 days ago or less, I take only 2 to 4 caps a day with another complement. I have lost 8 pounds feel great but i think of stopping it if my liver could tricks me cause I had liver damage due to tylenol intake (twice) so i am soooo afraid and still want to lose weight...i need to lose 10 to 15 pounds more... dunno what to do, stop or continue for the next 10 pounds to lose ???? scared marie.

posted Aug 15th, 2010 1:06 pm

robert s

I am from ontario canada, i use the hydroxycut advance, for almost 7 weeks. I was 285 when i had started this. I am now 257 lbs. And thats no BS. I cant believe it, even after the 8th week i am going to stop with the product, and stick with my routine. I can believe how easy it is too do push ups now. Great Product. Would be great to do a infomercial lol

posted Jun 21st, 2010 1:31 am



I got this when saw it on sale. Took it 2 days and started feeling sick and sorta headache/ Looked on computor found out it was recalled and all the bad stuf. Will go back to store on this. This is definately bad and dangerous product from what I felt and read.

posted May 26th, 2010 10:55 pm

melissa smith


i used hydroxycut original with ephedra and i exercised and dieted hard core and lost 22lbs in 2 weeks but then came down with the flu and skipped my diet not due to these pills

posted May 6th, 2010 6:42 pm


I was thinking about building some muscle, but really wanted to lose some weight before I did it. I was considering getting Hydroxycut, but also wanted to get some Whey Protein. Would it be adviseable to use protein while taking Hydroxycut?

posted May 5th, 2010 2:34 pm

David Pryor


I took only half of one dose last night which is two pills. I bought it months before and I think I didn't take it because of an adverse reaction. But I started to take hour long walks to help with my weight, so I thought I'd take half the dosage to see how that would work for me.
I'm throwing the bottle away because my Blood Pressure spiked to 175/118!!!! I first went to the bathroom to urinate and I noticed when I got off the couch that I felt really funny and it was hard to breath. I took my blood pressure multiple times to see if I could get it down. This episode lasted about an hour and a half! I would never recommend this to anyone and feel lucky that I am not dead right now!

posted Apr 24th, 2010 11:41 am

cloressa amy

I lost 15 pounds but my nose bled and i itch finished one bottle will not do again rather be thick than dead

posted Mar 28th, 2010 5:06 pm

cloressa amy

It help me loose 15 pounds I was 322 but sometimes my nose bleeds i be scared i finish one bottle but wont take again i rather be fat than dead

posted Mar 28th, 2010 4:57 pm

Miss M

So honestly how many people when they stopped using the pills gain weight back? Im really trying to get down to my normal weight but i have been struggling.

posted Feb 6th, 2010 7:50 pm


I was 168 lbs after giving birth and with hydroxycut and paying attention to what I ate, I lost 28lbs in 4 months. I did not go to the gym at all. My husband took it with me for the same time frame and lost 30 lbs. We were thrilled with it. I have started going to the gym now and thinking I'll give it another shot.. I LOVED IT.

posted Feb 2nd, 2010 3:19 pm


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