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10 Ways to Solidify Your Fitness Routine

There seems to be a great chasm between those who workout and those who do not. But does anyone really know why that is?

Often surrounded by people who don’t love working out as much as I do (admittedly, I’m an enthusiast), I’ve asked myself this question many times but to no avail. It seems that the path to fitness is narrow and few find it, but I wish that wasn’t so as exercise is such an essential part of a long, healthy life. Not to mention it can be a blast once you find your groove!

Perhaps there are some insider secrets that ‘insiders’ wrongly assume ‘outsiders’ already know. This slideshow is my humble attempt to “crack the code” and unveil those tips, tricks and secrets so that everyone can find their way to fitness and establish a routine that truly sticks.

HealthBuzz August 31: 30 Minutes of Exercise Better Than 1 Hour, Tracy Anderson Attacked in Media, and Breakfast Recipes for Labor Day Weekend

The best part about this weekend is the fact that Labor Day is Monday and many Americans will enjoy their day off observing the holiday. But before the weekend can officially commence, it’s time to wrap up the week with some healthy news. This week’s HealthBuzz includes several stories, including why you should consider ditching soda, how exercising for 30 minutes is better for weight loss than one hour, and breakfast recipes for a healthy four-day weekend.

30 Minutes of Exercise May Yield More Weight Loss Than 1 Hour

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen followed 60 overweight Danish men for 13 weeks. One-third of the group performed 30 minutes of intense aerobic exercise, another one-third of the group exercised for 60 minutes, and the last group was ordered to remain inactive. The study found that 30 minutes of physical activity helps produce more weight loss than one hour.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? New Research Points to a Magic Number

It seems people are never getting enough sleep in today’s fast pace society. According to a new study, eight hours of sleep isn’t the magic number for sleep anymore. Find out what the new magic number is!

Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Attacked in Media

Tracy Anderson is known for providing her fitness and diet expertise to stars like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. This week, she came under fire for some statement she made in DuJour Magazine regarding woman and their post-baby bodies. Tracy appeared on Good Morning America to defend her comments. What was her controversial quote? (more…)

Get a Maggie Grace Body in Time for the Lockout Movie Premiere

For a girl who used to ride her bike around Los Angeles in a frilly skirt for her cardio workout, former Lost actress Maggie Grace is finding herself in a whole different realm of fitness in her new film ‘Lockout’ – which comes to theaters April 13.

Grace, who grew up around Columbus, Ohio, admits to being the clumsy type, and was given the nickname “Maggie Graceless” because of it. She even admitted in interviews that she has no coordination and often embarrasses herself with her tripping tendencies. But in her new role, Grace puts her physical limits to the test, high-wire stunts and all.

In her previous films like ‘The Jane Austen Book Club,’ Grace was never required to brave such physical feats as flying through the air like she does in action-packed ‘Lockout’ – a film set in space where Grace plays the president’s daughter who gets kidnapped by criminals and is rescued by ‘Snow,’ who is played Guy Pearce.

In an interview about the film, Grace said she loved doing the stunts herself. Getting flown every which way on wires and being suddenly dropped was exciting and fun to her. And that she’d ‘always wanted to do trapeze camp,’ as a child – so the whole experience was kind of a dream come true. (more…)

Saturday Morning Drills: Sexy Shoulder Workout

It’s that time of the year where you finally get to pack away all your bulky sweaters and pull out your sexy tank tops and sundresses. If the warm weather snuck up on you quicker than you expected and your shoulders aren’t quite as sleek and toned as you would prefer, don’t despair, we are here to help!

We have included six easy moves that will get your arms ready for their grand debut in no time. All it takes is 15 minutes 3-4 times a week, starting today!

View Saturday Morning Drills: Sexy Shoulders Slideshow

Youble Offers a Solution for Those Who Can’t Make it to the Gym

Getting to your favorite classes at the gym isn’t always easy, and you may have bought some home workout videos for the days getting to the gym is as possible as getting your child to do their chores. Yet, after a while those workout videos begin to collect dust because you can’t bare the thought of doing the exact same routine one more time. So what do you do?

Realizing this is an issue, Yu Hannah Kim helped co-found and is president of Youble.com. The website was created based on Kim’s belief that high quality fitness training should be available to everyone at their convenience.

It offers over 10 different classes including Balletone, a registered trademark that is a fusion of fitness, ballet and yoga sequences ending with barre and stretching. It is designed to build strength and balance. All of the classes are thirty minutes in length except for the 15 minute core class.