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Gym Music Playlist of the Week: MTV Turns 30

MTV turned 30 this week. Thirty years ago, August 1, 1981 to be exact, MTV debuted with The Buggles “Video Killed The Radio Star,” and since then reality TV has long ago killed the video star. Plenty of people have grumbled about the absence of music videos on the most famous music video network, so I won’t go further down that road.

The road I will go down, though, is a nostalgia trip down memory lane. Here are some high energy songs from the golden age of MTV to help with your next workout. They also happen to have all been played on the first day MTV aired:
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Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Best of 2011 So Far

Maybe it’s a bit early to do a “best of” music list for 2011 – the years go by too fast as it is – but I thought it would be cool to take a look back at the roughly first half of the year and see what might actually work in the context of a workout mix.

So, do as I do and get lost in a new workout playlist. Some of these songs are from artists who have been around for a long time and others are fresh new faces on the scene. All of them inspire me creatively and put me in a place where I can forget that I’m exercising.
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Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Summer Workout Mix

While summer is all about getting outdoors more and having fun, it’s also a great time to be more consistent with your workout routine. Why not enjoy the weather and burn a few calories at the same time?

Maybe most of us aren’t out of school with nothing to do for the next two months, but we can still take the time to combine a little of something we all love (great weather) with something most of us do because we really should (exercise). Here’s a list of songs that will make your next summer workout a little more enjoyable:
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Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Fourth of July Workout Mix

Is the 4th of July a chance to celebrate all that is great about America or is it just time to overindulge on hot dogs and apple pie? That depends on who you talk to, and heck, many will take part in both.

When I started to think about what songs would work in a 4th of July workout mix, I was a little stumped, mainly because I just don’t care for modern patriotic songs. They just tend to be ham-fisted and goofy (“Iraq and Roll,” anyone?).

Since traditional patriotic songs don’t make the best workout music, I thought I would put together a list of song dedicated to various states (and cities) in the Union. Happy Fourth, and remember, it’s okay to indulge a little, just get back on your horse the next day:
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Music Tempo Key to Successful Cardio Routine

Research has shown that listening to music while you exercise improves performance. As for me, I didn’t need research, I know from firsthand experience. I don’t know what I’d do without music while on the treadmill.

Music acts as a motivator, but it also distracts you from negative thoughts associated with fatigue or any insecurities or inadequacies that may creep up into your mind.

While I can be motivated by nearly any tempo if the music is right, research shows that fast paced music, ideally music with a BPM (Beats Per Minute) of between 120 and 140, is ideal for a cardio workout.

That pace also just so happens to be about what the average person’s heart rate is during a normal workout.
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