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Drinking Wine Helps Keep You Smart

There’s more good news for vino enthusiasts. In moderate amounts, wine may reduce your risk for dementia and stave off any decline in your thinking.

Norwegian researchers studied the drinking habits of more than 5,000 men and women over seven years. Some of them were not alcohol drinkers. What they found was that the wine drinkers scored better than the non-drinkers on various tests of cognitive function.

The women who said they drank wine at least four times over two weeks had a lower risk of scoring poorly on the tests as compared to women who had less than one drink during the same period. Those women who didn’t drink alcohol scored lowest on the tests.
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7 Foods That Fire Up Your Passion

John McGran, chief editor at Diet-to-Go, has been covering the fields of diet, fitness and health since 2000. He writes from the perspective of a dieter rather than a dietitian.

I’d much rather eat my way to health and happiness than pop a pill and attain the same results. So when it comes to dieting, I choose to eat my way slim rather than seek out a magic bullet for weight loss.

The same principle applies to perking up passion. Sure, there are plenty of ads for potions or pills that claim to magically transform you into a Casanova. But I’ve discovered that a fine meal with the proper ingredients can spark love and romance without the chemicals!

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Wine May Protect Against Cancer

red-wineWine, how I love thee. It’s not like I needed more good news to drink it in moderation. But here we are with news that it may help protect you against cancer.

Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health presented their compelling findings at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. They studied more than 500 women with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. And what they found was astounding.

“We found that wine had a protective effect,” says Xuesong Han, a doctoral candidate in cancer epidemiology. More encouraging was that the protective effects were strongest with the most common of type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
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Alcohol Consumption May Strengthen Bones

While we’ve always been told to bone-up on our calcium intake to strengthen our bones, there may be an unlikely helper – moderate alcohol wine

A new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that one or two drinks a day can improve your bone density. The study looked at the effect moderate drinking has on older men and women. It included 1,182 men, 1,289 post-menopausal women, and 248 pre-menopausal women, from as young as 29, to 86.

The lead researcher, Dr. Katherine Tucker of Tufts University, says that it’s not the alcohol (of course), but the high silicone content and resveratrol in beer and wine that benefit our bones. Liquor has less of a positive effect.
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Alcohol Increases Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

I’m sure you know that breast cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer in women, but did you know drinking as little as a half of glass of wine may increase your risk of developing breast cancer? You hear it all the time that a glass of wine is good for your heart, but are you sure you’d want that glass if you knew it could increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer? And it’s not just wine, switching to beer or spirits (liquor) increases your chances just the same. The more alcohol consumed on a regular basis, the greater your risk.

I’m not saying avoid alcohol all together, I’m just saying be aware and practice moderation. Women thinking about having a few glasses of wine a day for their heart-healthy effects need to figure in the new findings when weighing the risks and benefits. It’s important to realize the regular, repeated use increases the chance of breast cancer and having a glass of wine or beer on occasion is not a problem. Besides, by limiting your alcohol intake not only will you help reduce your risk of breast cancer, but you can also cut calories and slim down your waist line.

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