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The Skinny on Wendy’s New Twisted Frosties

wendys twisted frostyI may be a health enthusiast but when it comes to ice cream (soft-serve only) all of my health credos melt off the cone. So when a few days ago I saw a commercial for Wendy’s new twisted Frosties, I had to investigate exactly what these new creamy treats were and how I could fit them into my daily caloric budget.

If you haven’t seen the ads yet, Wendy’s has just launched two new flavors to their usual Frosty menu: Frosty-cino and Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty (try saying that eight times in a row!). As I was doing my search, I didn’t realize that Wendy’s sports a frozen ice cream line that rivals Dairy Queen. From the traditional Frosty, that as a kid I eagerly spooned up, to their newly added frosties including vanilla, strawberry, M & M’s, Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, and Oreo, the list was much heftier than I remembered as a young girl.   (more…)