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How Working at Home Can Yield a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s been nearly three years since I started working from home. It’s a career change that has been all for the better for me, and one that has allowed me to love my job more than any I’ve ever had, and also enjoy my life more than any job has ever allowed me to do. A combination of this job, editor for DietsInReview.com, and the information I’m inundated with day in and day out, plus being at home, has allowed me during the past three years to really reprioritize my health.

How so? You can’t edit, read and research dozens of health, fitness and weight articles a day and not take a second look at yourself, the food in your pantry and how many hours you spend comatose in front of a TV. Also, being at home for the majority of my day and week means I have more flexibility to do the things that are really imperative to living a healthier lifestyle.

As the number of work-at-home business owners and professionals continue to increase, and the trend becomes a mainstay, I thought I’d share a few tips, tricks and secrets for doing so successfully, and using it as an opportunity to overhaul your health while reinventing your career. These are all things I’ve done myself that I hope you find helpful, too. (more…)

10 Weight Loss Tips Everyone Needs to Hear

Guest blogger Tony Posnanski is the author of The Anti-Jared. Tony struggled with weight loss his whole life until he realized he was not going to be fooled anymore. He has lost more than 200 pounds and maintained it for more than a year. Tony works out six days a week, eats better than before, and has a new outlook on things!

Hi! My name is Tony and I have lost a lot of weight. I have kept off close to 200 pounds for eighteen months! I am working out every day, and I changed the way I eat!

So, I am going to give you my top ten tips on weight loss. Ready…..

1.    B…….

Okay, what can I say that you have not heard before? Am I really that much smarter than anyone else? I wonder. Hmmmmm, we know about eating less, moving more. Am I going to be condescending? Ten tips?

Anyway, back to the ten tips on weight loss….. (more…)

Your Temptation-Free Kitchen Survival Guide

Your kitchen is the key to your weight loss success. By simply stocking it with the ingredients for healthy meals and snacks, you won’t be able to make a bad decision, even when those late night munchies hit.

So, what do you keep and what do you toss? Here’s your guide to cleaning out your kitchen and setting yourself up for success:

Grab a garbage bag and toss:

  • High-fat dairy products like cream cheese, heavy cream, full fat milk, cheeses, creamy salad dressings and full-fat yogurts. (more…)

Tune In: Dr. Ian Smith on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Wednesday, March 24 to the Rachael Ray Show when Dr. Ian discusses his best weight loss tips.

Find if two glasses of water could melt away your extra pounds. Dr. Ian Smith is revealing Celebrity Fit Club‘s top three weight loss secrets, and one of this season’s most inspiring contestants shares how he got lasting results.


101 Diet Tips for the New Year

dietDietsInReview.com has your bum covered when it comes to having 2010 be the year you meet your health and weight loss goals. So just to make sure you have no excuse not to lose those 10, 20 or 50 pounds, or banish all trans-fats from your diet, here are 101 of our best diet tips to help you finally achieve the health of your dreams.

1. Notice the internal obstacles that keep you from meeting your health goals and work to overcome them. Reach for the Oreos whenever you have a fight with your partner? Work out your emotional stress constructively rather than through food.
2. Investigate what external obstacles are keeping you from achieving your health goals and work around them. Always work late? Get up early to exercise.
3. Add more fiber to your diet and eat your sushi with fiber-packed brown rice rather than plain white.
4. Add slices of fresh cucumber and fresh mint springs to regular water for a clean and refreshing twist on plain old H20.
5. Don’t wait for May to get in shape. Make small health goals all year-round so that you’re always striving to look, be and feel your best, 365 days a year.
6. Use chopped mushrooms in place of ground meat or poultry to save calories, reduce your carbon footprint and give your nutrition a healthy boost.
7. Reduce your environmental impact: Skip the treadmill and hit the trails for your cardio workout.
8. If you don’t already have a strength-training workout routine, commit to one this New Year. If you one already, amp it up and make new muscle-defining goals. Jennifer Aniston’s arms anyone?
9. Side-lined by an injury? Ask your physical therapist about testing out a new low-impact workout like yoga or Pilates to maintain your shape and your mood.
10. Use caution with diet supplements, as many of them have been linked to side effects and potentially dangerous ingredients. (more…)