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Christina Aguilera Embraces Life as a “Fat Girl”

The woman made famous for her amazing voice has been getting much more attention lately for her voluptuous figure. Thirty-one-year old performer and mother Christina Aguilera is much curvier than she was when she first burst onto the scene as a teenage singing sensation in 1998.

Earlier this year, Christina was slammed for her weight after making concert appearances in scantily clad ensembles revealing a much curvier figure. Specifically, she drew much attention for her appearance at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert after uncomfortably donning a tight corset and fishnet stockings during her performance.

The star admitted to drinking more after going through her divorce from former husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, and being lax on her diet.

Her poor diet choices and junk food binge eating slip-ups added up to lots of extra calories and plenty of weight gain. As a result, Aguilera’s weight has fluctuated drastically over the last several years.

Proof of this came just months after her Michael Jackson Tribute appearance when she was photographed looking much slimmer and seemingly “back on track” in terms of her health and her size. (more…)

Worst Vacation Destinations for Your Waistline

A lot of people fall victim to diet traps while on vacation. Sure, you’re taking a break from work, but that doesn’t mean you can take a break from your diet, too. Doing that will mean you’re falling victim to a different kind of tourist trap! The biggest tourist trap of them all is in the Mediterranean, and it’s probably not the country you’re thinking.

Based on a study done by Fly Thomas Cook, which looked at 350 people from the U.K vacationing for an average of a week and a half, close to half of them came back with a few extra pounds as souvenirs. According to the study, men gained about five pounds while they were overseas and women came back with a little more than one pound. (more…)

Not Exercising After Liposuction Can Have Dangerous Effects

Liposuction might be a quick and easy way to shave unwanted fat from the body, but it may not be the safest solution especially for those who don’t exercise afterwards.

A new study from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil showed that for those who don’t exercise after having liposuction, a dangerous kind of fat known as ‘visceral fat’ can return to the body. The result can leave patients in a less healthy state than they were before the operation.

The complete the study, researchers gathered a group of 36 healthy women between the ages of 20 and 35, to have liposuction. Liposuction is an invasive procedure that suctions fat out of subcutaneous fat cells that lie just beneath the skin’s surface. (more…)

Lack of Sleep Leads to Poor Eating

Are you a night owl who struggles to put down the fork in the wee hours of the morning? New research shows that the later we stay up, the likelier our bellies and our brains are to start craving junk food, which gives us all the more reason to hit the hay earlier.

Combined research specifically shows that sleep-related hunger and food cravings are caused in part by hormones that help drive our appetite. These tendencies, researchers propose, may be what’s leading to weight gain. When our bodies are sleep deprived, areas of the brain are stimulated that seek out pleasure – for some in the form of junk food. Sleep deprivation may also contribute to weight gain since drowsiness can fog our brain’s ability to squelch these cravings.

One of the studies, which took place at Columbia University, utilized functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to monitor the blood flow in the brains of 25 volunteers. Researchers used the scans to compare brain activity following a normal night’s sleep – about eight hours – to a night in which they were allotted just four hours. (more…)

“650 Pound Virgin” Struggled with Mental Challenges of Weight Loss

We live in an era that focuses a great deal on weight. We also live in a media era that has allowed us to watch obese people transform right before our eyes. With our focus on the physical, we often ignore the mental and emotional aspects of obesity and dramatic weight loss. This week, our weight and media era gave us a glimpse into the battle beyond the bulge.

David Smith appeared on The Today Show this week, and this wasn’t his first appearance on the show. Smith was a guest three years ago, showing off the transformation his once 650-pound body had gone ‘through after he lost 400 pounds. Smith’s weight loss was chronicled for a TLC documentary titled, “The 650-pound Virgin.”

This week’s appearance was just as surprising as Smith has regained more than 250 pounds in the past two years, putting him dangerously close to his starting weight. (more…)