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Fit to be Wed: Top Tips for Helping Brides Slimdown for Their Wedding Day

June is the most popular month for weddings. With it just around the corner, brides are looking to do whatever they can to get in perfect wedding shape. Wedding planner Shannon Boone sees a lot of variation in how her brides get fit for their weddings, with a few popular standouts. “Pilates and Yoga tend to be workout staples as they [the brides] like the lean, tone results,” she said.

Brides who don’t have as much time to shape up before the wedding may find help with tips from fitness expert and owner and creator of the Burn method, Lisa Corsello. She offers some exercise tips for brides aiming to look their best as they walk down the aisle.

wedding fitness

Much of Corsello’s advice is based on the style of dress the bride is planning to wear. For the many brides who opt for sleeveless and strapless wedding gowns, Corsello suggests focusing on the biceps and shoulders, recommending bicep curls. “Target the entire bicep by changing the way you rotate the weights as you lower and lift,” she said. Start with palms facing forward and then turn the arms so the palms face upward by the end of the lift. For the shoulders, Corsello again suggests rotating the arms while lifting from just above the thighs to about shoulder height. This short arm workout can fit into almost anyone’s busy day with only 20 reps per exercise. (more…)

Kristin Cavallari Loses Weight the Healthy Way for her Wedding Day

Kristin Cavallari is widely known by fans of her former show, The Hills. Cavallari has also recently become engaged to NFL Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The upcoming wedding along with not being satisfied with how she looked on television motivated Cavallari to do something about her weight. In order to tone up and slim down for her special day, Cavallari started intense workouts and kickboxing sessions to get her body back into shape.

Cavallari admitted that she had gained around eight pounds since she started seeing Cutler and would “eat like a 6’4” guy” at the beginning of their relationship. One of the main things Cavallari cut from her diet was alcohol. She stated that cutting alcohol was important to her weight loss because, “when I’m hung over, I eat whatever I want.” In addition to cutting out alcohol, she also worked out with a trainer three times per week and then did cardio exercise for 40 minutes. By sticking with her plan, Cavallari has whittled her weight to 109 pounds for her 5’3” frame.


Vanessa Minnillo Works with Gunnar Peterson to Shape Up for Her Wedding Day

The story goes something like this: girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, boy asks girl to marry him, girl says yes and then immediately goes on a crash diet to lose weight before her wedding. This trend is so popular that there have been many television shows about brides-to-be and their search for physical perfection, such as Shedding for the Wedding. Although this seems to be the way that it usually goes, it is not the case for Vanessa Minnillo, whose boyfriend of five years, Nick Lachey, proposed to recently.

“I want him to see the girl he fell in love with,” Minnillo said of her plans for losing weight for her big day. “I want to stay true to who I am, but, you know, a better version.”

Minnillo plans on improving her body by using a five-meal-a-day delivery service and working out three times a week with her personal trainer, instead of using a crash diet.  She trains with personal-trainer-to-the-stars, Gunnar Peterson, who also is the creator of the Core Secrets workout DVDs.


Jessica Simpson Not Losing Weight for Wedding

Jessica Simpson with fiance Eric Johnson

By Jessie Gorges

Just in time for her wedding, Jessica Simpson has finally found a shape that she’s happy with. Her physique has yo-yo’d from sexy and slender for her 2005 role in Dukes of Hazard to a more voluptuous look, for which she was scrutinized for, when she sang at a Florida chili cook-off in 2009.

Simpson is engaged to former NFL defensive back Eric Johnson, and Simpson’s pre-wedding bliss has made her more confident about her body image.

“For most people, falling in love brings positive feelings and moods. The positive cascade of hormones and sense of well-being that accompanies falling in love can take the attention away from food and concern about one’s body and appearance,” said body image expert Sarah Maria.“Being with someone who loves and appreciates you no matter how you look can go very far in helping you develop a positive relationship with your own body.”


Shedding for the Wedding Premiers Tonight

shedding for the weddingThe newest reality show on The CW combines two popular themes: weight-loss and wedding planning. From the creators of The Biggest Loser, the first episode of Shedding for the Wedding airs tonight.

Hosted by Sara Rue, nine couples will compete to lose weight and win the wedding of their dreams. Over the course of three months, the competitors have the chance to win smaller components of their big day, from rings to wedding cake. They will be aided by expert trainers Nicky Holender (who trains Kendra Wilkinson) and Jennifer Cohen, and celebrity nutritionist Ashley Koff. The couples will also get help from wedding planner Brian Worley.