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MapMyFITNESS Allows Users to Track Their Nutrition and Workouts

map my fitness website logoKeeping track of your progress is a great tool to help you reach your fitness goals. MapMyFITNESS.com is one such way to track how far you’ve come. This online social community lets walkers, runners, cyclists and hikers of all degrees of intensity map their routes and share their training programs. MapMyFITNESS also recently announced a new nutrition center, which allows members to keep a food journal online.

The new feature includes a searchable database of foods, a water consumption calculator and a personalized dashboard that allows users to see their daily caloric budget. There’s also a way to log the numbers of calories you’ve burned during your workouts.


Get the Truth About What You Eat at FoodFacts.com

FoodFacts websiteA simple trip to the grocery store requires you to make many decisions when you want to eat healthy. Organic or natural? What food additives should you avoid? What products are the best sources of protein? Or vitamins?

To help you navigate all these questions, FoodFacts.com has created the Food Facts Health Score. This score takes into consideration the nutrition facts on the label plus the quality of the ingredients and boils all that information down to one number, from one to 100.