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Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Final Thoughts

I made it! We’d set-out to do six days as vegetarians and we did. In this last video I discuss the meals I had for my last day as a vegetarian, as well as some of my takeaways for the week. I found that living as a vegetarian was fairly economical, was much easier to implement than expected, and I wasn’t anywhere near as hungry each day as I’d anticipated. All-in-all being a vegetarian for a week was a fun experience, and one I’m now challenging you to take.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Five

I decided I needed a night off from the kitchen. I typically make three meals a day in my kitchen, so I don’t usually have a hard time justifying letting someone else wear the chef’s hat! I’d planned on having us dine out once this week, so that we could experience the vegetarian side of a menu for once. I also wanted to try tofu for the first time tonight. All of these needs were satisfied at P.F. Chang’s. Watch to hear how vegetarian day five went.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Four

We’re in the thick of it now. We’ve made it to day four of the vegetarian challenge and really no complaints. It hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I had anticipated, but I also don’t foresee a complete lifestyle change coming out of this.

Watch now as I recap our day four vegetarian meals, including a tip for stretching your economical and nutritional dollar.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Three

Day three of the vegetarian challenge seems to have been another success. My husband asked me if I had cheated by sneaking meat and I declared no! This has been a lot more trying for me than it has him – he’d eat anything where I’m a little more particular.

Tuesdays are what we call “YOYO Night” in my house (you’re on your own). I do dinner on my own on Tuesdays, usually some leftovers or some fruit and cheese, but last night I didn’t want to cop-out of the vegetarian plan. Watch now as I prepare one of my favorite personal recipes, a Southwestern Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Two

We’ve made it into day two of our vegetarian for a week challenge, and so far so good. Yesterday seemed to go more smoothly than day one, mostly in that the feelings of hunger all day were absent.