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Courtney’s Summer Challenge Kicks Off 10 Weeks of Fitness and Fun

Are you ready to be challenged to reshape yourself mentally and physically? We’ve tasked our Biggest Loser correspondent Courtney Crozier with pushing you guys outside of your comfort zones once again with this year’s Courtney’s Summer Challenge!

It’s a ten-week challenge that starts right now and will help you think differently about food, fitness, and your self.

Each week Courtney will present a new challenge and you’ll have seven days to meet that goal. You’ll find yourself on your feet, in front of the mirror, and in the kitchen, but either way, we promise it will be a little bit fun and a little bit trying. We also promise that you CAN do it!

Courtney’s Summer Challenge is sponsored by Truvia® natural sweetener, who will be sharing prizes and recipes throughout. (more…)

Health Buzz June 22: Best Cities for Healthy Skin, 4 Ways to Skip Organic, and Summer Solstice Recipes

Before you clock out for the weekend, don’t forget to glance over some news from DIR and our friends. Besides the news we have the perfect recipes to kick off the first official weekend of summer!

News from DietsInReview.com this week

Portland is the Best City for Your Skin; Las Vegas is the Worst

Where you live can play a role in the health of your skin. Daily Glow just announced its 55 Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin, and you maybe surprised to see where your hometown ranks. Plus, Dr. Jessica Wu, dermatologist to the stars, talks to DIR and provides tips to keep our skin healthy.

Summer Food Bucket List

Being that this week is the official start of summer, we wanted to talk about the summertime foods we can’t get enough of. We talked to some of our favorite foodies – bloggers, health writes, and cookbook authors alike – to share their one summer food item they have to eat before September rolls in.

Dr. Oz’s 2-Day Detox Diet in PEOPLE is More Proof He’s Sold Out

PEOPLE magazine awarded Dr. Oz with the title of Healthiest Man Alive. The story also provides readers with Dr. Oz’s 2-Day Detox Diet. Do the two contradict one another? We think so. (more…)

Truvia Thai Blueberry Old-Fashioned Cocktail Recipe by Anthony Caporale

I wanted to create a no-added-sugar version of the classic Old Fashioned that would remain as true as possible to the spirit of the original while incorporating modern flavors and drink-making techniques.

My road map while developing this cocktail was to build upon the characteristic spice that rye whiskey brings to a cocktail, so I started with Tuthilltown Spirits™ particularly spicy Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey.

For a non-sugar sweetener, I chose Truvia® natural sweetener because it has a unique vanilla-citrus character that works well with whiskey, and it can easily be made into a flavored syrup to bring down Hudson’s higher alcohol content.

I wanted to keep the rye whiskey forward in the cocktail so I incorporated ginger into the syrup instead of adding it directly to the build, and also included lemon grass to bring out Truvia’s natural mellow citrus notes. (more…)

Healthify Your Banana Bread with Truvia Baking Blend

How would you like a big slice of banana bread with less than half the calories of a typical slice? We thought you’d say yes.

Truvia is launching a new Truvia Baking Blend and they want you to know all about it. Truvia is an all-natural sweetener that has zero calories and is made with the best tasting part of the stevia leaf.

Truvia Baking Blend is a blend of Truvia natural sweetener and sugar, and it provides a 75% calorie reduction per serving compared to recipes sweetened only with sugar. One half cup of the Baking Blend offers the same amount of sweetness as one cup of sugar, which has 760 calories. Truvia suggests using half as much Baking Blend when substituting it for sugar in your recipes, to ensure it doesn’t come out too sweet. (more…)

Join a Twitter Party with Marisa Churchill and Truvia on June 28

Spend an evening with chef Marisa Churchill, known for her appearance on Top Chef and as the author of the new healthy dessert cookbook Sweet & Skinny, from the comfort of your own Twitter page! Marisa, as well as co-hosts Truvia, will be hosting the party live from the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, which will also be attended by Twitter employees.

It’s going to be the most fun you’ve had on a Tuesday night in a while, as we talk about food, baking, and low-cal/low-fat recipes you’ll actually want to eat! Log-on to the party, no RSVP required, on Tuesday, June 28, 6:30-7:00 PM PST / 9:30-10:00 PM EST and make sure you’re following @Truvia, @MarisaChurchill, and of course @DietsInReview on #sweetandskinny. Plus, be sure to follow our fellow panelists @FabFindFoodie, @crazyadventures, and @MarlaMeredith. Or, use this TweetGrid link for the easiest way to follow along.

If you join 30 minutes early, @Truvia will be posting pictures during the prep at Twitter HQ. (more…)