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Yoga for Triathletes

Swimming, biking and running for short or long distances requires a tremendous amount of strength, endurance and mental stamina. While a triathlon-specific training regime is necessary in developing staying power, a yoga program will also physically and mentally help take you to the finish line.

Power for the Swim

Stretching is definitely crucial to counter balance the muscle tightening actions of triathlon training, however stretching against a light resistance (as in yoga) will not only lengthen your muscles, it will improve the contractibility of your muscle fibers. This means your muscles will have the range of motion and power required to propel your body through the water. Practice the following stretch for up to one minute, five times a day.


Triathletes Share Their Best Tips for Triathlon Beginners

The triathlon combination of swimming, cycling, and running engages muscular and cardiovascular endurance at a level unmatched by most other activities. To succeed, you need to be in shape and well prepared before the race day.

There are hundreds of detailed training plans to help you get ready for a triathlon, written by highly qualified athletes and trainers. Elisabeth Skibba, a triathlete currently preparing for 2012’s Vineman Tri, suggests staying away from one-size-fits-all plans found online.

“While there are many good training plans online or in books, I highly recommend working with a coach specific to triathlon. A coach can see your strengths and opportunities, offer specific advice, and tips to help improve performance.” One of her examples is for proper foot placement on the bike, which she never would have been aware of if not for her trainer. “By changing that small thing, I was able to gain more power.”

Start with a sprint triathlon

Sprint triathlons are about one-half the distance of an Olympic length event. These are a good introduction to the sport and can help you train while keeping you on track. Even if your ultimate goal is a full-length triathlon, scheduling a sprint about two months before the Olympic event is a good idea. In fact, Skibba likens it to running a half marathon prior to a full marathon.

“Every beginner should start with a sprint or short course triathlon. There is so much to learn in doing a triathlon correctly,” agrees Ria Farmer, a triathlete with almost ten triathlons under her belt who recently finished Oklahoma City’s Redman Tri. “There is more to a triathlon than just swimming, biking, and running.  There is equipment, nutrition, transitions, and proper training.” (more…)

Draw Halloween Costume Inspiration from 2011’s Health and Fitness Trends

By Kelsey Murray

Who says that Halloween is only for candy-fueled kids who dress up as scary monsters and the latest comic book characters? Well, maybe most people say that, but it doesn’t have to be true this year for you.

Here’s our list of healthy Halloween costumes for 2011! Be a great influence on your kids, show off your fit bod, or give your favorite home town athlete some love by drawing costume inspiration from healthy sources. Don’t worry, you can still have a piece of candy or two.


“Iron Nun” to Run the Boston Marathon

"Iron Nun" Sr. Madonna Buder

Many people begin to slow down in their 70’s, but Sister Madonna Buder, “The Iron Nun”, has done just the opposite. The Roman Catholic nun has garnered much attention for her athletic abilities, and she’s indicated that she will be running in the Boston Marathon next month.

The author of “The Race to Grace”, her autobiography about her journey to running, Sr. Buder is well known for competing in more than 40 Ironman Triathalons, a grueling race that consists of 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26-mile run. The Spokane, Washington nun is a member of the Sisters for Christian Community.

Sr. Buder began training more than 30 years ago at the age of 48 after hearing a priest speak on the benefits of distance running. “The priest told me ‘You’ve got to keep this up, it takes at least two months before you know what the runner’s high is,’ ” Sr. Buder said. “20, 25, 30 years later, do I know what the runner’s high is? No, but I sure know what the lows are.”


50 Biggest Losers Taking on San Francisco Triathlon

One side of the Biggest Loser that we never get to see is life after the contestants leave the ranch. Overall, they each go on to lead healthy, active lifestyles. They also have a very tightly-knit alumni community. From this, the contestants have support from the few people who truly know what the experience was like during and after, they create life-long friendships, and it gives them running buddies.

But not ordinary running buddies, like having someone to jog around the block with. No, these individuals take on endurance races together. This weekend, they’re headed out to the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island.

More than fifty Biggest Loser contestants are decending upon the annual event, taking place July 9-11. Individuals representing seasons one through nine will be in attendance participating in either the triathlon, 5K or 10K events.

Running side-by-side with the San Francisco community will be these Biggest Losers: (more…)