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Make Your Own Takeout: Thai Spring Rolls

Ordering takeout can be fun and convenient, but from a caloric perspective, it can be any dieter’s nightmare. To lessen the calorie blow that most take-out food delivers, opt to make your own at home.

While some dishes, like vegetables and stir-fry, can be easy to make on your own, some won’t compare to the restaurant-quality versions you know and love.

If you’re a fan of Thai spring rolls, you’ll love these tips from our friend Lynn who blogs at The Actor’s Diet.


It’s Tofu Time: How to Prepare Tofu, Effortlessly

Despite reports of higer-than-ever obesity rates and an increase in other diseases that result from a diet lacking essential nutrients, consumer interest in nutrition is also increasing.

This year, the United Soybean Board conducted an annual study that reported 86 percent of respondents expressed concern about the nutritional content of the food they eat.

Whether you maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet or are cutting back on the amount of meat you eat to lower your saturated fat and cholesterol consumption, tofu can be a simple, delicious way to get the protein you need. (more…)

Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Five

I decided I needed a night off from the kitchen. I typically make three meals a day in my kitchen, so I don’t usually have a hard time justifying letting someone else wear the chef’s hat! I’d planned on having us dine out once this week, so that we could experience the vegetarian side of a menu for once. I also wanted to try tofu for the first time tonight. All of these needs were satisfied at P.F. Chang’s. Watch to hear how vegetarian day five went.