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Teen Model Posts Severe Acne Make Up Video, Plus What to Eat for Clear Skin

Think of your biggest insecurity. Now imagine revealing that insecurity to millions of people on the Internet. Sound like fun? We didn’t think so either.

But that’s exactly what 19-year-old model Cassandra Bankson did when she posted a video of herself on YouTube with completely bare skin to show others her severe acne. Bankson then demonstrated how she uses make up to cover up her biggest insecurity: her make-up free skin.


5 Ways to Fight Fatigue and Improve Your Health

It seems with all the go-go-go our society demands, fatigue is becoming more and more common among Americans – especially busy women and moms.

One cause of the problem? Overcommitment. As women we value relationships and connection with people, so we say ‘yes’ to too many things in order feel productive or needed, when we should instead evaluate whether or not we have time before signing up. Learning to say ‘no’ can be one of the first steps to fighting fatigue.

Another cause? Lack of sleep. According to health experts we’re supposed to get 7-9 hours a night. But more often we’re only getting 6-7 hours, which just isn’t enough for optimum mind and body function.

So what can we do about it? Women’s Health Magazine contributor Dr. Keri Peterson, recently stopped by The Today Show to share her top five tips on how to fight fatigue. (more…)

Six On-Hand Super Foods and Recipes You Can Use Them In

I’ll be the first to admit I’m cheap. I take pride in keeping a $200 grocery budget every month for my husband and I. And although it can be difficult at times, I love knowing that I’m saving us money that can be spent elsewhere. It’s almost a little game to see if I can make it to the end without going over. 

In addition to being cheap, I also like things simple. So when I come across stories like these from The Today Show about super foods that I likely already have on hand, I get all sorts of elated. Eating healthier without spending more money? Sign me up.

With the help of registered nutritionist Kari Glassman, we can easily determine what super foods are likely lying around our kitchen and why they’re so exceptionally healthy for us.

Starting with apples. Apples contain  fiber and Vitamin C, but they’re also high in flavonoids – the compounds that give fruits and vegetables their color. One of those compounds is quercetin, which is especially high in apples. Quercetin helps control our blood sugar level, acts as an antihistamine, and can even help prevent heart disease. Enjoying apples raw is enjoyable. But baking and topping them with ice cream is even better. Try this Apple-Whatever Cobbler for a quick and satisfying 400-calorie fix. (more…)

‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ Claims Our Skin Reflects More Than Just Our Diet

You’ve heard the saying we are what we are eat. (In that case, paint me a peanut butter-covered banana.) Well, a new book called ‘The Beauty Detox Solution’ is bringing new evidence to this argument, and even suggests that our skin reflects more than just our diet.

Author Kimberly Snyder – clinical nutritionist and renowned celebrity beauty expert – wrote the book not only from a place of passion, but also from a place of experience. After enduring beauty troubles herself, Kimberly traveled the world to study ‘age-old beauty secrets’ and discovered that what you eat is the ultimate beauty product.

And what’s more? The health of our internal organs can also be apparent in our skin – a science referred to as ‘face mapping.’ In a recent appearance on The Today Show, Kimberly shared about the connection between laugh lines and our lungs; lines across our forehead and our colon; and the consumption of probiotics to treat acne.

Beyond face mapping, Kimberly goes a step further and recommends a beauty and diet regimen that rids your body of toxins so you can look and feel your best. While we haven’t seen the diet firsthand, based on several Amazon reviews, it’s strict, but effective and mostly raw. And includes a lot of green smoothies. (more…)

What to Eat Before Sleep, Sex and Sweat

Trying to eat the right things throughout the day can be challenging enough. Can we say office donut party? Yeah, I’m a sucker for the chocolate-sprinkled variety. But it can be even more difficult to remember when we should stop to eat. Because there’s more to healthy eating than just food; time matters as well.

A recent story on The Today Show featuring nutritionist Joy Bauer gave us the dish on all the things we should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking and at what points throughout the day, in order to increase our performance for various activities like exercise, sleep and sex.

First up, exercise. If you’re like me you’re up and at the gym early leaving little time for a snack. But according to Joy that’s OK. If you’re moderately exercising for about an hour or less, she says you don’t need to ‘fuel up,’ especially if you’re trying to lose weight. However, if you are hungry and need a boost before hitting the gym, Joy suggests grabbing a banana for several reasons: 1) it’s portable; 2) it contains potassium, which we lose when we sweat; and 3) it’s fairly low in calories.

If you aren’t a pre-gym eater, a beverage with caffeine might be a better option like coffee or tea. Drinking caffeine 30 minutes or so before a workout has been shown to give your body a boost to help you move longer and perform better. (more…)