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The Great Salad Lie

This guest post was written by Zalmi Duchman, CEO of The Fresh Diet, a Florida-based meal delivery company whose food is based on the 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats diet concept.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I’m trying to lose weight, I’ll just have a salad.” Now don’t get me wrong, salads can be a great method of weight loss – at least in theory.

A good salad can be packed with vegetables, beans and other legumes, lean meats and more. All great sources of nutrition and packed with vitamins.

We all know that vegetables are low in calories (except for starchy vegetables), high in fiber, and can be extremely filling – which is why salad has gotten the reputation as the king of the diet meals. (more…)

How to Harness Your Willpower

This guest post has been submitted by The Fresh Diet, a Florida-based meal delivery company whose food is based on the 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats diet concept.

We all know that diet and exercise go together. However the path to diet and exercise is sometimes the road less traveled. Why? Many people believe that maintaining a healthy body is the result of something called “willpower.”

But what is willpower? According to the dictionary, willpower is defined as, “control of one’s impulses and actions; self-control.”

Okay, makes sense right? So how do you access willpower? You can’t see it, and there’s no on/off switch. How come some people just have it and some don’t? (more…)

Carnie Wilson Partners with The Fresh Diet and Dr. Oz

UPDATE 12/02/10: Carnie Wilson was fired as spokesperson for The Fresh Diet due to weight gain and promoting her own cheesecake business.

Carnie Wilson, daughter of beloved Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson, is a mom of two daughters. In the spotlight from a young age, her weight has been a much commented upon subject. The star of the GSN show Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, Wilson had gastric bypass in the 1990s when she was over 300 pounds. Her weight fluctuated since, hindered by a 70-pound weight gain in her first pregnancy and 60 pounds in her second. Describing herself as a life-long sugar addict, she says that she never learned to eat correctly and used her pregnancies as a convenient excuse to eat the foods she wanted.

Now she’s partnering with Dr. Oz and Fresh Diet, a food delivery company, to lose the extra weight in a healthy manner. Wilson says that she’s struggled her entire life with good diet choices. (more…)

Fresh Diet Takes Up Michelle Obama’s Childhood Obesity Cause

Call it brilliant marketing and timing, but the makers of The Fresh Diet are bringing their delivery services to the nation’s capital at a time when Michelle Obama is taking a high-profile stance against childhood obesity, thanks to her new organization Let’s Move.

The marketing brilliance not only comes with how the company has timed the move to expand their services to Washington, D.C. as a way to hop on board with first lady Michelle Obama’s initiative, but the press release announcing the move cleverly states that the gourmet delivery service “unites” with the First Lady’s battle against obesity. No, they aren’t tied to Mrs. Obama’s efforts in any formal way, but both parties share a common and noble goal.

“It seemed like the perfect time to do this, particularly as the First Lady has made obesity – especially among our children, a key issue during her tenure in the White House,” says Zalmi Duchman, CEO of The Fresh Diet. (more…)

The View’s Sherri Shepherd’s Weight Loss with Fresh Diet

Sherri Shepherd's new bikini figure, via The View

Sherri Shepherd's new thinner figure, via The View

It seems like the all-female talk-show The View is always in the limelight. But this time, it’s for a great and celebratory reason. Co-host, comedian/actress and diabetic Sherri Shepherd, who replaced Star Jones in 2007, flaunted her new fabulous figure last week on the show after losing 10 inches off of her total body and a whopping five inches from her waist alone!

She’s not revealing how many pounds she has dropped, but by looking at her newly svelte figure in a black bathing suit, she has obviously lost a significant amount of weight in just three months. (more…)