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The Doctors Discuss the Peanut Butter Recall and Roseanne’s Bid for President

Tune in Wednesday, October 24 as The Doctors talk peanut butter, health headlines, and Roseanne Barr’s campaign for president.

The peanut butter recall, traced to products manufactured by Sunland Inc., has infected 36 so far, although no fatalities have been reported. Most were children, and eight people required hospitalization. The Doctors talk about what products are recalled, from ice cream to granola bars to peanut butter moon pies.

Next on The Doctors are shocking health headlines that may make you cringe. They examine new health dilemmas caught on tape, like the bagel head documentary, Japan’s beauty trend that injects saline into people’s skin to make a temporary bagel shape appear on their forehead. (more…)

Belviq and Qsymia, New FDA-Approved Weight Loss Drugs, on The Doctors

The Doctors investigate some weighty topics on their show today, including what they think about the new FDA-approved weight loss pills. The pills, Belviq and Qsymia, are the first to be approved by the government administration since 1999. Dr. Travis talks about their efficacy and side effects to determine whether he thinks they are safe or not.

Then, The Doctors turn to the deadly meningitis outbreak. They discuss how it happened, the signs and symptoms, and what to do if you think you may be infected. (more…)

“Migraine Muffins” and “PMS Potatoes” on The Doctors

Tune in October 11 to The Doctors to see how your feelings of pain can be lessened not by medication, but by the foods you find in your fridge. Dr. Travis Stork promises that you can reduce pain, fight inflammation, and feel better without drugs. Could fighting chronic pain be a bite away?

First, The Doctors tell viewers about muffins created to fight the duration, frequency, and intensity of migraines, then they move on to a loaded baked potato with each layer strategically designed to fight PMS symptoms. Also on the menu are dill pickles that could ease arthritis and snacks to avoid because they may make migraines and earaches worse. (more…)

Shocking Things You Never Thought Would Make You Fat on The Doctors

Tune in September 28 to learn what The Doctors have to say about your excess weight. The episode is titled “Shocking Things You Never Thought Would Make You Fat,” and it is all about why you may still be overweight despite all of your best efforts to slim down.

The Doctors examine how your personality, marital status, and even fashion choices may have a hand in keeping you from losing weight, as well as why the scale won’t budge despite your loyalty in following all of the conventional weight-loss rules and programs. (more…)

The Hunger Games Makeover on The Doctors

On the September 25 episode of The Doctors, The Hunger Games gets a Doctors-style makeover for an audience-wide contest. Dr. Travis shows you how not to have a losing game when it comes to losing weight with helpful tips about your diet, exercise, and motivation.

Among the advice found on this episode, The Doctors identify three types of hunger and how to curb hunger pangs, three foods you must go without, and one powerful yet simple exercise pose that tones and trims your entire body. (more…)