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HealthBuzz November 23: Holiday Gift Guides, BestLife and DIR’s Holiday Survival Guide, and Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Take a break from your Black Friday shopping to catch up on some healthy news! This week’s headlines from DIR include our 2012 Holiday Gift Guides, AB Circle Pro Paying Millions in Refunds, and the Risks Muscle-Enhancement Supplements Pose on Teens. We also have news from our partners at Best Life, Care 2, Organic Consumer, and a recipe from the blog Nook and Pantry.

2012 Holiday Gift Guides: Shop and Win This Year’s Hottest Fitness and Foodie Gear

Having trouble finding a gift for a runner, gym rat or yogi? DietsinReview is here to help with your Christmas gift shopping dilemma. There’s even a chance for you to win some highly sought after items yourself! Scan the slide show and check out the details on how you can win the hottest fitness and foodie gear this holiday season.

AB Circle Pro Must Pay up to $25 Million in Refunds

Looks like another fitness company has to pay refunds to consumers for false advertising. AB Circle Pro users were promised they could lose 10 pounds in two weeks by using the machine. Clearly, this is not a realistic goal nor is it healthy for those who used the AB Circle Pro. If you purchased an AB Circle Pro make sure you get your refund as soon as possible! Check out the article for details.
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Best Black Friday Deals for Fitness Gear

We’re only a few days out from the biggest shopping day of the year. That’s right, Black Friday is just two days away. Have you made your shopping list?

You probably never thought about the calories you burn during your Black Friday extravaganzas, but you should because it can actually be a beneficial workout to help burn off your Thanksgiving indulgences. A 140-pound person can burn up to 226 calories just by standing for three hours, and some of those door-buster lines will no doubt last that long. That same person can burn up to about 982 calories when shopping for five hours (this includes the average estimated standing time as well). Needless to say, going out on Black Friday could be a way to help burn off the estimated 3,000 calories we consume on Thanksgiving Day.

To reduce your chances of holiday weight gain even further, we combed through the Black Friday ads and found impressive deals on fitness gear, kitchen appliances, and more that will help you stay on track with you health and fitness goals.

Aspire Yoga Products: 25% off at Sports Authority. We’re giving away a yoga prize pack valued at $240!

Wieder 3-Piece Kettlebell Kit
: Found at Sears for only $29, which saves you $20.

BodyFit Medicine Balls: BodyFit will be 50% off at Sports Authority

Sodastream Geness Soda Maker
: With the purchase of this item at Target you will receive a $20 gift card. The flavors, which are sold individually, are also on sale for buy two flavors get one free.
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5 Largest Turkey Trot Races on Thanksgiving Morning

While Thanksgiving morning means wafts of turkey aroma and the Macy’s parade for most Americans, for a smaller crowd of runners it means Turkey Trot. It’s interesting if you research all the Turkey Trots in the nation because most have a very long standing tradition. I’m guessing the pending feasts motivate so many to get some calorie burning in every year. This year is no exception as the race calendars are loaded with many events.

Some trots were last weekend, but many land right here on Thanksgiving Day. This is probably best as the American Council on Exercise reported that the average Thanksgiving meal contains about 3,000 calories. They estimated the average person would have to run for four hours to burn off that much turkey; we calculated you’d have to run a half marathon to burn Thanksgiving dinner.

Whether you’re a competitive runner or more of a mall walker, there’s no reason not to search for an event in your area and take a preemptive strike approach to these bountiful holiday. Make it a family affair and have fun with it. Last year, Capital One YMCA Turkey Trot in Dallas encouraged everyone to dress like a turkey as they attempted to set a Guinness World Record, and they did with 661 turkey costumes on the course.

Not only are turkey trots long standing, fun traditions, they are drawing serious crowds that are dedicated to doing good for others in addition to their own waistline. Here are five of the country’s largest Turkey Trots.

117th Annual YMCA Turkey Trot Buffalo, NY

This Turkey Trot can boast that it’s the oldest road race in America, even older than the Boston Marathon. The rare distance of 8 kilometers brings out more than 14,000 runners on Thanksgiving morning. Runners are asked to bring non-perishable foods to the race. Last year they collected enough to make 2,200 meals. This year, the race organizers are going big as they attempt to collect enough food for 6,000 meals. Follow along with this famous race by following the hashtag #buffaloytrot on Twitter.
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Empty Calories Comic: Giving Thanks for a Non-GMO Holiday

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Best Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

3,000 Calories Await Americans on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is the number one food holiday in America and the day our calorie counts are the highest during the year. It’s not easy to control your portion sizes of your family’s favorite recipes, but one step to doing so is remembering that this holiday is not only about the food, it’s about giving thanks.

We thought you’d enjoy this infographic with fun Thanksgiving food facts to recognize the massive amount of calories we take in on this day so you can be mindful of what you’re eating. Slow down, enjoy the company you keep, and have a happy and healthy holiday!

Introduce some healthier Thanksgiving sides to your meal this year:

Turkey Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing

Roasted Candied Sweet Potato Casserole

Roasted Pear Gravy

Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese