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Jason Segel Finds Weight Loss Inspiration in an Embarrassing Photo

We all know that there’s an epidemic of obesity in this country. What’s it going to take to inspire Americans to make the necessary changes to live healthy? Will it be another report about the real dangers extra weight presents? Will parents be inspired to change for the sake of their kids? Or will it come when your pants split open in public because you can’t fit into them anymore?

Recently, actor Jason Segel found his inspiration. The actor was photographed passed out with his gut hanging out and covered in Taco Bell wrappers. Yep, that ought to do it!

Segel described the photo that his assistant took as his lowest point and has since dropped 25 pounds. Through good old-fashioned diet and exercise, Segel made the necessary change that so many of us need to make as well.

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Healthiest Menu Choices at Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a favorite late-night stop for many youngsters, and today we’re looking at Taco Bell‘s nutritional facts and finding the healthiest options on the menu. Somewhat surprisingly — after all Taco Bell does have a Fresco menu of “healthier” options — there were not a lot of foods to choose from that fell into our criteria.

While many foods met our guideline to have less than 500 calories, most could not meet the new daily sodium recommendation from the U.S. government of less than 500 milligrams of sodium per meal. This criteria was set based on feedback from registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield. So what foods are we OK with calling healthy? Read on for your Taco Bell healthy choices! (Oh, and for the record, fourth meal at 2 a.m. is never a good idea!)

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Health Buzz: Taco Bell’s Beef, New Dietary Guidelines and Heart Disease Risk Factors

Lawsuit Says Taco Bell Doesn’t Use Real Beef

The fast-food giant is being called out for the less than 35 percent beef used in their tacos and burritos. However, Taco Bell is fighting back saying they use 88 percent, plus a secret ingredient, in these “truth ads.”

The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines have Released

The USDA and HHS released the pentennial report with new nutritional recommendations for Americans. Included is direction for consuming less sodium, sugar and saturated fat, and consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Make Your Own Junk Food for Super Bowl

When you make food at home, you can control the ingredients and the portions. Try some of these ideas and recipes for serving healthier Super Bowl favorites at your party.
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Taco Bell Runs “Truth” Ads Against Fake-Beef Lawsuit

fast food logoIn response to the lawsuit filed by a Montgomery law firm claiming that their seasoned beef contains less than 35 percent actual meat, Taco Bell is firing back with full-page “Truth” ads. The full-page print ads ran in newspapers around the country, with the provocative headline “Thank you for suing us.” The ads claim to tell the real truth about the beef used in Taco Bell’s tacos, burritos and other items, insisting that their seasoned beef contains 88 percent beef and 12 percent “Secret Recipe.”

The secret recipe isn’t so secret (as the ad also points out), and the ingredients in that 12 percent are also printed in the ad. Taco Bell says these extra ingredients add flavor, and “enhance” the product. We’re still leery of the number of additives in the beef alone, not to mention the taco shell and toppings.

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Lawsuit Says Taco Bell Doesn’t Use Real Beef

Fast Food TacosA Montgomery, Alabama, law firm filed suit against Taco Bell, arguing that the fast food chain is guilty of false adverting when they reference “seasoned beef” and “seasoned ground beef” in their food. According to the Plaintiffs, the meat mixture found in Taco Bells products is so full of binders, extenders and other additives that it does not qualify for the minimum standards set by U.S. Department of Agriculture to carry the label “beef.”

The class-action lawsuit was filed on Friday in federal in the Central District of California. The law firm, Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles does not seek monetary damages, but wants Taco Bell to accurately represent it products. “We are asking that they stop saying that they are selling beef,” said Attorney Dee Miles. Miles further said that the firm had Taco Bell’s meat mixture tested, and found it to only contain 35 percent beef.

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