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Australia Considering Tax-Funded Obesity Surgery

lap-bandThere have been varying publicly-funded interventions with regards to the fight on obesity. But none are as direct as the one being initiated in Australia.

The government down under is considering funding lap-band surgery to curb rising rates of obesity. You can’t get anymore directly interventionist than that. If implemented, the plan would have tax payers footing the bill for surgery. Lap-band surgery is where surgeons attach a band around the entrance to the stomach so patients feel full after eating a moderate amount of food. (more…)

Don’t Let Self-Image Interfere with Healthy Habits

When I was contemplating surgery on my hip, the thought of taking three (or more!) months to recover had to be balanced with the hope of being able to run, dance, and even sleep without pain. I had learned to live with, and to some degree tune out, the nagging ache, but I was not sure how I could handle limiting myself and my activities for so long.woman on crutches My image of my self includes physical activity and fitness, as well as knowledge and skills that allow me to teach dance. All of those things would have to be put on hold. I am also highly independent, and surgery required me to stay with my parents for a week and continue to be dependent on friends for rides and assistance for several weeks.

Your self-image can play a major role in your decision making, particularly when it comes to the habits that define your life. Even if it was only going to be a few months, I had to see myself and my life without the usual activity and independence. (more…)