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Supplements Don’t Reduce Anemia for Older Women

Vitamin SupplementsA large study published in the April edition of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association recently found that nutrient deficiencies increase the risk of anemia in older women.

Anemia occurs when there are fewer than the normal number of red blood cells in the body or when there’s a lack of hemoglobin in the blood. While many know that dietary changes are often recommend to treat anemia, the study found that a deficiency just one of several key nutrients can lead to the condition. Women with who do not consume enough folate, vitamin B12, iron or vitamin C are 21 percent more likely to have anemia. Women with deficiencies in three of these nutrients are 44 percent more likely to have the condition.

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Amylin Obesity Drug Research Halted by FDA

It’s not easy for diet drugs to get approval from the FDA. Orexigen Therapeutics, Vivus and Arena Pharmaceuticals, all had obesity drugs shot down by the government agency. You may have to add Amylin Pharmaceuticals to the list.

The company has halted testing on its combination therapy pramlintide/metreleptin in its phase two study. In a recent press release, Amylin says that it stopped the study voluntarily “to investigate a new antibody-related laboratory finding with metreleptin treatment in two patients who participated in a previously completed clinical study of obesity.”

While the company says that they will work with the FDA and researchers to “to determine the best path forward,” I wouldn’t hold your breath on approval given the track record of obesity-related drugs being approved.
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