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How Grocery Stores Can Help Us Eat Healthy

man shopping for groceriesSupermarkets are typically laid out to encourage costumers to make as many purchases as possible. The most frequented areas of the grocery store, such as the ends of aisles, are occupied by highest bidder. These choices are driven by profit margins, and not with the shopper’s health in mind.

But what if encouraging healthy purchases were a grocery store’s priority? The Marketplace Health Desk at WHYY public radio in Philadelphia takes a look at this topic. They interview Karen Glanz, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who has done extensive research in consumer habits in supermarkets. She explains that she’s “trying to learn from what commercial marketers have been doing all along, see if we can’t turn that to health advantage.”


Four Simple Tips for Avoiding GMOs

How to Avoid GMOsWhile the health and environmental risks of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are still being debated, many people feel strongly about not eating them. After all, do you really want fish genes in your tomato? Here are four simple shopping tips from nongmoshoppingguide.com.

1. Buy Organic

Anything with a USDA Organic label cannot contain GMO ingredients by law.


How to Save Big on Groceries

Pamela Ofstein is the Director of Nutrition Services at eDiets.com, a leading provider of weight loss services, information and products.

If you’re like me, any place I can save a few pennies (or dollars) helps. For most of us, this economy has put a squeeze on our spending; we’re stretching our dollars as much as we can.

When was the last time you went to the grocery store and your bill was less than expected? With less money coming in and costs rising, it’s tough to cut corners, especially when it comes to food and nutrition.

But despite those factors, there are ways to eat cheaper, healthier and save a few dollars here and there. It may take a little thinking out of the box, but the payoff can be worth it.

There are definitely some tricks when making that next trip to the grocery store. Follow these tips to help stretch out those dollars:


Fast Food Changes Mood and Behavior

Researchers from the University of Toronto are suggesting that fast food can not only damage our health, but effect our patience, even to the point of financial detriment. An article in Psychological Science describes three experiments that demonstrate this correlation.

In the first experiment, participants who were subliminally shown the logos of six major fast food chains read faster than participants in the control group.


Jamie Oliver’s Essential Grocery List

Whether you’re inspired to start living a healthier lifestyle because of the buzz from ABC’s new show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, or you simply recognize that it’s time to start making some changes (for the better!), then this grocery list will be an important tool.

Changing eating habits is no easy task. The foods we eat and how we eat them, even our attraction to them, is deeply ingrained within us. If you’ve never eaten vegetables, getting in the recommended five servings a day can seem daunting. If all you’ve ever eaten is white pasta or bread, then switching to a whole grain variety might seem foreign. So having a list like this at the ready will only make it easier to plan for healthy made-at-home meals.

As Jamie Oliver prepares to take on the most unhealthy city in America, he offers the rest of us his top choices for a healthy grocery list. (more…)