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The Best Club Sandwich Ever is Made with Cleaner, Fresher Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

If I see a club sandwich on a menu, I’m ordering it. End of story. No matter how you stack it, I rarely find a sandwich that has a better combination of ingredients that meld so perfectly together. That first bite through the crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, sweet ham, and salty bacon sends the endorphin center of my brain to the realm of utter satisfaction.

best club sandwich

Eating these sandwiches at a restaurant is anyone’s gamble. It’s all pretty processed, and I know that. The salt is higher than it should be, the meat came from God knows where, and all in all it’s never quite as good as anything I make at home. So I try to take my own sandwich makings to the office to build my own for lunch. It’s always a far better option than what the corner deli is dishing up.

club sandwich cut

That better option, for me, is Applegate. I’ve been a long-time consumer and fan of their cleaner approach to meat products. How could anyone not be? They source humanely-raised animals to craft quality meat products that are organic and hormone free. The sandwich meats are tender,  juicy, and never overwhelmingly salty. For pre-cut sandwich meat, it’s truly as good as it gets.
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Empty Calories Comic: Mom’s Summer Rules Backfire

video game comic

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Your Ultimate Guide to Greens: 15 Greens, What They Do, and How to Eat Them

Growing up, most of us were told at some point to “eat our greens.” We may not have listened at the time, but maybe we should have. As a group, leafy green vegetables, or “greens,” are known for their bounty of health benefits. As a whole, they are great sources of vitamins A and C, and each green has its own broad nutritional profile.

We share 15 greens, why you need to eat them, why they’re so good for you, and even recipes to best prepare and enjoy them!

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Beat the Heat with These Simple Yoga Techniques

In many parts of the country, temperatures are on the rise. While it’s typically a slow time of year for yoga studios, I can’t imagine hot yoga studios staying in business during high-degree weather. Even though yoga is enjoyed best in a warm environment, the heat of summer brings thoughts of cooling off rather than sweating it out.

If you struggle with making it to yoga because the heat of day has you wishing you could fit in your icebox, try heeding the following yoga advice. The practice doesn’t always have to heat your body. It is possible to cool down with the right yoga practice.

shitali pranayamaimage via

Cooling Breath

As called in Sanskrit, shitali pranayama has got to be the number one yogic activity you can do when you are in need of lowering your body temperature. While it may not cool you off like jumping into a frigid lake, it will help assist your body with some evaporative cooling.
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Mosquitoes are More Attracted to People Who Exercise

Feeling a little itchy this summer? Then you may be one of the estimated 20 percent of people who are extra attractive to mosquitoes. The attraction can be temporary, based on the color of clothing you’re wearing, or a more long-term relationship because of blood type and genetics. Or the mosquitoes could be attracted to you for a completely different reason, your exercise habits.

mosquito bite

Studies have shown that mosquitoes are attracted to sweat and body heat. What happens after exercising strenuously? You sweat and have a higher overall body temperature. Mosquitoes are able to detect heat, which makes anyone who has a higher body temperature than those around them a prime target for biting. Combining higher body temperature with the extra sweat you produce when exercising can turn you into an insect buffet. Sweating is how your body temperature is regulated, which helps cool you down during and after a workout. Unfortunately, even though your temperature may be dropping, the sweat you’re  producing will still summon mosquitoes. They are attracted to certain chemicals in sweat, as well as lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

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