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Weight Loss Wonders and Jorge Cruise on Rachael Ray

Talk show host Rachel Ray

Update: This episode will air again on June 6, 2011.

Tune-in today, January 31st, to Rachael Ray for their biggest weight loss episode yet. Five contestants reveal their secrets to losing over 700 pounds combined. The secret isn’t surgery! Knowing Rachel Ray, we bet their success may have something to do with healthy, yet delicious eating. Plus, get a healthy fish recipe that you can make for dinner tonight.


Successful Dieters Don’t Make Excuses

Jim Stone lost 69 pounds last year. (Image via USA Today)

Jim Stone lost 69 pounds last year. (Image via USA Today)

If there’s one theme running through the success stories from the USA Today Weight-Loss Challenge, it’s “no excuses.” Those who took the challenge knew they had a problem, but their justifications and defenses kept them from doing anything about it. Until they could give these excuses up, each one remained overweight and unhappy about it.

Jim Stone didn’t think he had time to exercise. His job as an engineer in Madison, Alabama is time consuming. But then Jim started to notice that his older and overweight friends were facing health problems, and he realized he was next in line. So, he made changes to his lifestyle by joining Weight Watchers, incorporating more walking into his day and making time to get to the gym. “I considered other things more important,” Jim says. “Now I consider taking time to exercise an important part of my day.” He’s lost 69 pounds in the past year.


Weight Loss Success is Not Forgetting Where You Came From

Guest blogger Tony Posnanski is the author of The Anti-Jared. Tony struggled with weight loss his whole life until he realized he was not going to be fooled anymore. He has lost more than 200 pounds and maintained it for more than a year. Tony works out six days a week, eats better than before, and has a new outlook on things!

After losing a considerable amount of weight, I get a lot of questions about weight loss.

What should I eat?
How often should I work out?
What vitamins work the best?

Most people who have success with weight loss get asked these questions. People want to know: Is it easier than what they are doing now?

I never know the right answer. So many people lose weight so many ways. There are a bazillion diets and workout plans. Because I am a life-long dieter I know that the only perfect diet is the one you are successful at.

In fact, weight loss is like a snowflake – no two people lost weight the exact same way.

Sometimes that is not fair of me to not answer those questions. After losing over 200 pounds, I should have some sort of advice.

So here it is… (more…)

True Weight Loss Stories – Tell us Yours!

There’s nothing more inspiring than to hear from a man or woman who has lost 20, 50, 100 or even more pounds, did so in a healthy manner, and has kept off the weight. You can read about the intended results of a diet plan all day long, and even wrap-up the intentions in a shiny celebrity bow, but until you see it in action on someone just like yourself, it’s all hype.woman lost weight

Which is why we are thrilled to be launching a special section on DietsInReview.com featuring real people with real stories about real weight loss. We want to share the stories of women and men who made a commitment to themselves and celebrate their hard work by showcasing these true weight loss stories. Minus the hype.

One hypeless story that we enjoy telling again and again is that of our Chief Mom, Carmen Staicer. Her weight loss story has been a motivator for so many women. As a mom of six, she was busy taking care of everyone else. Until one day she found out the kids at school told her daughter that she had a “fat mother.” Carmen made a New Year’s Resolution “that I was GOING to lose weight, to succeed no matter what.” And she did! Carmen says it was the hardest thing she’s ever done, but that hard work paid off in an 80 pound loss that she’s kept off for going on three years. Today, she is a strong advocate for living an active, healthy, balanced life.

Every day we receive emails and read the comments throughout the site from people who’ve lost weight and are excited to share their experience with the world, just like Carmen. So the door is open – we invite you to tell us your story. How did you get started? What was your breaking point? Did you make it up as you went or subscribe to a pre-built plan? What kept you motivated? How do you maintain today?

Please tell us your story by clicking below and completing the form. It’s a jumping-off point to start a conversation. Our editors will follow-up with those individuals who truly stand-out in winning the battle against the bulge. We’ll then share your story with our entire community and give you and your success the recognition deserved!

Submit your story here!

View True Weight Loss Stories Slideshow

How Stephanie Paul Lost 140 Pounds

Stephanie Paul has lost 140 pounds through sensible dieting and exercise. Her weight loss story inspires others to lose weight and make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes. stephanie paul weight loss

My name is Stephanie Paul and I have lost 140 pounds. I was 18-years-old when I started and now I am 21. It was definitely a journey.

As a young child I was tiny and then went on steroids when I was 7-years-old due to a health condition. I grew up a happy child and ate a lot of foods I shouldn’t have eaten. I became an obese child and let food take over my life. I ate when I was happy, sad, and any other emotion that I was feeling. I used to get made fun of in school. To me, I felt nothing wrong with eating high calorie meals and snacks.

I started getting sick of being obese and after my grandmother died of cancer I had to change something about that. I started counting calories and eating healthy. When you start measuring what you eat you figure out that you were eating too much all the time. (more…)