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Take Your Gym Routine Outside This Summer

Now that the weather is warming up and summer is on the way, you may be itching to ditch the gym for a little time out in the sunshine. Who could blame you? Not I! But instead of foregoing your gym routine all together, why not take your usual strength moves and cardio activities into the great outdoors? Read on for five exercises to do just that!

5 Exercises That Easily Go From the Gym to the Great Outdoors

1. If you normally hit the treadmill…try trail running or hiking! The change of terrain when trail running or hiking will work your legs in new ways and you’ll have much more beautiful scenery than the sweaty guys lifting weights!


Experts Promote Stairs for Fitness

woman climbing stairsExperts are looking at an “old-fashion” way of increasing your fitness: using the stairs.

Dr. Ishak A. Mansi of Louisiana State University is the lead author of a study that is encouraging building designers to reconsider how they place stairs in their work. They say that as it is, there are several factors that discourage people from using them. They are often tucked away and hard to find. And on a subtler note, stairs are often thought to be only used for fire escapes. (more…)

Wordless Wednesday: Take the Stairs


Take advantage of random opportunities for exercise.