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Surviving Spring Break on a Diet

Breakfast at a diner, lunch at the airport, snack at the gas station, dinner at (gasp!) McDonald’s. You finally reach your hotel, drift into a jet-lag induced coma and sleep in well past your normal workout time. It seems so inevitable: Spring Break is around the corner and we all know the health challenges that come with traveling. I’m not judging, I’ve been there! Anything goes when you’re on vacation, but the trick is to stay in control. You don’t want to find yourself coming home with the “Spring break is over, man, I blew my diet, now I’m home exhausted and bloated” blues.


Lose Weight With a Kitchen Spring Cleaning

For many of us, it has been a long snowy slog this winter. But the end is near, and spring is just around the corner. While it may not match the annual New Year’s resolution everyone makes, spring is also a time of renewal. The scent of flowers begins to fill the air, and we start shedding our layers of clothing… which reminds us that by hibernating for the winter, we now have a few extra unwanted pounds.

Do you have some extra weight that you need to shed before bathing suit season arrives? Then, it’s time to do some spring cleaning in your kitchen. Here are five ways that will shape up your eating habits, and your waistline:

1. Grocery Shop Wisely

If it’s not in your kitchen, you won’t eat it. That may be a simple mantra, but its importance is profound. If you are even the least bit weak when buying snack foods, don’t shop for food when you are hungry. Better yet, go grocery shopping right after a meal. That may be a little difficult – who wants to grocery shop at 7 p.m. after a long day of work? But if you can do it, you may cut thousand of calories a month. (more…)

5 Healthy Habits to Start on Spring Break

“Nothing changes until you do.” This is probably one of my favorite sayings. If you have ever complained about not eating healthy enough, working too much, not having enough time for exercise, or not taking care of yourself the way you should then you have probably spent some time wishing things could change. Here are five ideas to help get you started and make more productive use of your spring break.

1. Take time to plan. Without a plan, you’re stuck with good intentions that you can’t execute. If you have extra time over spring break, do some personal reflection and goal setting. Think about one behavior at a time. What would you like to change about nutrition? Write it down. Continue this until you have a list of changes that have been on your mind. Which few do you believe are the most important behaviors to change and easiest to change? Start there. Be consistent. Don’t think about how far you have to go, think about what you will do today to work on that change. Here are a couple examples: I will eat two whole fruits a day. I will not snack in front of the TV or computer. (more…)

College Spring Break Fitness and Diet Tips

spring breakThe winter months are coming to an end, and for most high school and college students this is what’s next… spring break! So after months of comfort foods, partying, and maybe not working out like one should, spring break is the start to what’s coming. After spring break, you know that Memorial Day is soon on the way, and then summer time! So how do you get your body in the shape that you’d want it?

First of all, watch what you eat. It’s time to clean up your diet. Get rid of all junk foods, fried foods, fatty foods, sodas, and alcohol. Incorporate healthy fat in to your diet; in example, small portions of olive oil or avocado. Eat 5-6 small meals a day to help increase your metabolism and also help you avoid cravings by keeping you full throughout the day. Also, drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins in your body. (more…)

Beach Body Exercise Routine for Spring Break

beachSpring break is right around the corner and time is slipping away for you and that spring break beach body. The diet  is the biggest part of what you need to focus on for the next couple weeks. Cut the calories, the carbohydrates, the fat, and the sodium. Don’t skip eating, but keep it reasonable and control your portion sizes. This will help shed unwanted inches with the help of the hard core beach body workout.

I recommend hitting it hard as often as you can for the next couple of weeks. Tackle the cardio for at least an hour each day and three sets of 20 repetitions of the following hard core beach body exercise routine. Good luck!! (more…)